July 3, 2015
Listening In

Listening In, hosted by WORLD's Warren Cole Smith, features extended conversations with newsmakers and thought leaders. “Our goal is to explore topics as thoughtfully as possible,” says WORLD's Chief Content Officer Nick Eicher.

The Listening In podcast is posted each Friday.

Read edited transcripts of Warren’s interviews.

A conversation with Michael Brown

Dr. Michael Brown leads the FIRE School of Ministry in North Carolina, a ministry that trains and sends missionaries around the world. He has a Ph.D. in semitic languages from New York University, and has written or contributed to dozens of books. But he is best-known in recent years for being one of evangelical Christianity’s most passionate and articulate spokespersons for a biblical view of human sexuality. His outspoken positions have landed him on national radio and television programs, and have resulted in several books, including “A Queer Thing Happened To America” and his most recent book, “Outlasting The Gay Revolution.” 

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July 3, 2015