June 27, 2014
Listening In

Hosted by WORLD News Group's Warren Cole Smith, Listening In features extended conversations with newsmakers and thought leaders.

“Our goal is to explore topics as thoughtfully as possible,” says WORLD Radio Executive Producer Nick Eicher. “It’s more like NPR’s Fresh Air or public television’s Charlie Rose, but with an objective Christian perspective.”

The Listening In podcast is posted each Friday. (The program is available to radio stations via FTP download. For technical details, contact: Jonathan Bailie at jbailie@wng.org.)

Read edited transcripts of Warren’s interviews.

A conversation with police detective and author J. Warner Wallace

Police detective J. Warner Wallace was an atheist until he was 35 years old. Then he started examining the claims of Christ and of Scripture—with the hard-nosed skepticism of his police training. The result is that he became a Christian.

Today, nearly 20 years later and after retiring from police work, he has written Cold Case Christianity. The book has taken the apologetics world by storm, in part because of the unique structure of the book, which begins not with evidence for Christianity, but with a discussion of how we as human evaluate any kind of evidence, how we arrive at conclusions about what we believe to be true.

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June 27, 2014


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