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The World and Everything in It

The World and Everything in It is WORLD News Group's daily half-hour audio news magazine, produced Monday-Friday. Play our programs and segments online below, or subscribe to the podcast by clicking the iTunes icon or RSS icon in the right column.

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A longer week-in-review TW&E program airs weekends on many radio stations. (If you wish to receive both the daily TW&E podcast plus the podcast version of the weekend program, you must subscribe to each separately.)

White House Wednesday, learning about America’s spiritual founding father George Whitfield

Today’s news and a profile of Mitt Romney as a potential 2016 presidential candidate, plus: author and Baylor professor of history Thomas Kidd talks about George Whitfield, the spiritual founding father of the United States, and more

Listening In
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Listening In

Hosted by WORLD News Group's Warren Cole Smith, Listening In features extended conversations with newsmakers and thought leaders.

“Our goal is to explore topics as thoughtfully as possible,” says WORLD Radio Executive Producer Nick Eicher. “It’s more like NPR’s Fresh Air or public television’s Charlie Rose, but with an objective Christian perspective.”

The Listening In podcast is posted each Friday. (The program is available to radio stations via FTP download. For technical details, contact: Jonathan Bailie at

A conversation with author Kara Tippetts

Kara Tippetts and her husband Jason have a lot going for them, including four beautiful children and a thriving new church that Jason started and serves as pastor.  But soon after moving to Colorado Springs to start that church, Kara discovered she had breast cancer.  Despite aggressive treatment, the cancer spread throughout her body.  Kara describes herself as a terrible sick person.  She hates being sick.  So it might have been easy for her to retreat into self-pity.  Instead, she started blogging about her experiences with a remarkable transparency that immediately won her readers – 10 to 20 thousand page views every day.  A publisher discovered the blog, and the result is her first book “The Hardest Peace:  Expecting Grace in The Midst of Life’s Hard.”  Warren Smith spoke with Kara at her home in Colorado Springs. 



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