WORLD News Group is proud to announce the launch of its all-new WORLD Membership Program.

We’re excited because it’s going to make access to news from a decidedly Christian worldview so much better.

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If you’ve been looking for news from an intelligent, decidedly Christian worldview, looks like you’ve just found it. WORLD News Group is renowned for its incisive journalism and has become a trusted source of news for hundreds of thousands worldwide.

We’re excited to tell you...
As of September 24, 2013, all readers of WORLD Magazine are now WORLD Members. It’s automatic. To unlock all your member benefits, take a brief moment to visit to get your WORLD Digital Access.

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Current Subscribers: Click Here to Activate Your Membership

What the WORLD Fellow Member program means for you...

  1. Full Access. You get access to all WORLD content, at all times and in all forms, that's entirely sharable—whether in print, online on your iPad, or on the radio. And with a full line of mobile apps coming soon, your access is going to grow. The only exception is if you read WORLD on KINDLE, as AMAZON.COM will charge you a small fee that has nothing to do with us. 
  2. Everything gets simple. You no longer have to make decisions about what you want, or don’t want, based on how much it costs. You are a member with full rights. All members get full access to all WORLD content for the exact same price.
  3. Everything gets easy. Now you can sign up with an automatic, low-cost monthly payment with a credit card. You never have to worry about receiving a flood of renewal reminders. If you want to end your membership, just tell us at any time and we will stop all future payments. We promise to treat you as we would want to be treated: with no hassles and tons of respect.
  4. Not only for you, but your entire family. If you have people living with you and are part of your household, everyone in your family can take advantage of your membership access: your spouse and your kids. What you have access to, they have access to. If you can claim them on your taxes, you can claim them on your WORLD Membership account.
  5. You partner in a mission of epic proportions. Call us idealistic, but we want to do nothing short of changing the world for good. We want to tell real stories about real people doing real good (and evil) in this world. We want people to be able to see what’s really happening behind the daily breaking headlines and put them into a perspective that tells the epic story of God’s work of redemption and reconciliation in our time. Your membership makes it possible.

 Why are we launching a Member program?

  1. Because that’s how most of you feel about WORLD News Group already. You’ve told us. You’ve said you see your relationship with us as more than a reader who gets a magazine in the mail. You see WORLD as a partner in mission: helping this current generation see the events of our lives from a decidedly Christian worldview.
  2. Because that’s how we actually feel about you. In reality we’ve always thought of you as friends striving together in a higher cause. Oddly, for years we’ve called you “customers” and “subscribers,” even though it’s never felt right. All along we have had partners. Friends. Co-laborers. So, we’re finding it quite natural, and more authentic, to call you our members.
  3. Because WORLD is no longer simply a magazine. Now, more people than ever experience WORLD as a website, an iPad app, or a radio program, rather than only as a print magazine. WORLD has become a source of insightful journalism with many access points. There’s WORLD Magazine, WORLD Digital, & WORLD on Radio. To say one subscribes to just one of any of these seems far too limiting. Also, it feels equally limiting to view WORLD as a one-way conversation you passively consume as opposed to actively participate in.
  4. Because WORLD has big plans for the future. Forming an express relationship with you is proving to be the best way to activate those plans. Through your membership, WORLD is able to infuse the larger cultural conversation even more with a decidedly Christian worldview. And we plan to enhance our service to the Christian community with additional resources to make all of us more effective in shining light and sprinkling salt within our individual spheres of influence. And, again, through your membership, you help make that possible, too.

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