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60,000+ subscribers have opted in to receive our weekly updates from WORLD News Group. We currently offer two e-newsletter banner ad positions. Banners should be sent to and should be formatted as 595 x 90 .jpeg or .gif files.

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With over 80,000 active subscribers, WORLD'S direct mail list is the best way to reach conservative, affluent, Christian families. Contact your WORLD Magazine Account Executive for more details.

  • One of the cleanest, most complete databases available for the Christian market.
  • Query by a range of criteria: zip, state, region, etc.
  • First time test discount: $100 per thousand
  • Regular Rate: $125 per thousand
  • Package and multi-use discounts available.
Introduction to WORLD Email Advertiser Program
  • Email format: basic HTML email with best compatability settings for optimal viewing on all HTML email viewers
  • Audience size: the audience size for the average HTML email is 60,000 subscribers. Due to our new membership program, our opt-in email list is growing in size on a monthly basis.
  • Read rate: based on the current email statistics for 2013, the average read rate is over 25%. This is an above average read rate demonstrating the willingness for our audience to be receptive to our advertisers' emails.
  • Click rate: the statistics for our 2013 advertiser emails show an average click rate that is slightly over 20% demonstrating the level of engagement
  • Opt-outs per email: less than 1%
  • Bounce rate: less than 5%
  • Cost: $3,000 per dedicated eblast
  • The World and Everything in It

    The World and Everything in It (TW&E) debuted the first weekend of August 2011 and fills a two-hour commercial radio time slot. The entire program minus ads, is available via podcast at These podcasts are also broken down into ten segments and produced as separate podcasts.

    TW&E started on 24 stations in August and is now heard on over 200 stations. The program showcases reports from our "print" team. Listeners have benefited from "The Olasky Interview," Marvin Olasky's regular live-audience question-and-answer session with political leaders. TW&E has also included commentary by founder Joel Belz, along with culture reviews from correspondents Megan Basham, Arsenio Orteza, and Susan Olasky. The entire program, minus ads, is available via podcast at These podcasts are broken down into ten segments and produced as separate podcasts. The weekend edition of TW&E airs on 479 stations nationwide.

    Sponsorship packages can be tailored to suit your advertising needs.

    Please contact your Account Executive to hear a sample sponsorship, pricing, availability, and specifications.

    "The earth is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof;
    the world and those who dwell therein."
    —Psalm 24:1