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The work of journalism begins with the asking of questions. We start by asking the most important question a journalist can ask: Whose world is it? Dutch theologian, statesman, and journalist Abraham Kuyper famously put it this way: “There is not a thumb’s width of creation over which Christ does not say, ‘Mine.’”

We want to echo Kuyper in the choices we make, in the stories we pursue, and, most importantly, in the manner in which we pursue the stories. The world that WORLD seeks journalistically to cover is the same world about which Christ says, “Mine.” It all belongs to Him, and that acknowledgment is what makes a uniquely Christian approach to journalism so compelling.

By contrast, traditional journalistic “objectivity” without an objective standard of truth degenerates rapidly into an attempt to balance relative subjectivities. If everything is true, in other words, then nothing is true.

WORLD editor-in-chief Marvin Olasky defines our journalistic ethic as “biblical objectivity.” Practicing biblically objective journalism begins with an understanding of the truth found in scripture. That standard of truth leads our journalists to report the news accurately, honestly, and humbly-yet fearlessly. Our foundation is the belief that because God has revealed Himself and His will for the world He created, then objective truth is discoverable.

God is the creator and the sovereign; He is active in the life of His creation. WORLD seeks to chronicle what God is doing in the world—in culture and education, in communities and families, in church and state—and report that in a vivid and engaging way.

Something else sets world apart: respect for the central role of readers in our mission. Our journalists do not live outside of and certainly not above their communities. We reject the elitism that is common among professional journalists, as well as what one colleague noted, “the pessimism and cynicism (as differentiated from appropriate skepticism and criticism)” that has come to characterize mainstream media.

We strive to show that respect on every page, in every news report.

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"The earth is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof;
the world and those who dwell therein."
—Psalm 24:1