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Cover Story


by Lynn Vincent & John Dawson

Cover Story | With Congress buying what lobbyists sell, and selling what taxpayers earn, is real reform realistic?

In this issue: "Snakepit," Feb. 11, 2006


Defining moments

By Edward E. Plowman

Politics | Efforts to protect marriage continue to gain steam in the states

Home invasions

Home invasions

By Jamie Dean

Indonesia | The jailing of three Christian women has emboldened Muslim radicals and jeopardized house churches in West Java

Little town lessons

By Mindy Belz

Israel | Hamas learned to win big by starting small, but now faces an aid embargo

Due north

Due north

By Mark Bergin

National Security | More manpower, more money, more dogs-and the Canadian border threat remains

Giving their names back

By Harrison Scott Key

Culture | This duo rescues prostitutes from anonymity and a deadly occupation



Memorable things they said

The Buzz

The latest on this week's biggest stories

Quick Takes

Quick Takes

Not-so-great escape With just a few days left in his 20-day jail sentence for stealing some copper tubing, Lance H. Gauthun attempted his own great escape…

Finishing well

By Hugh Hewitt

The State of the Union speech proves once again that President Bush sets a good example for Christians


Spendthrift nation

Spendthrift nation

By Timothy Lamer

Money | The savings rate has been falling steadily in recent years, but until last year it had not gone negative for a full year since 1933

Championship windfall

Championship windfall

By John Dawson

Sports | Big Super Bowl payouts help offset the massive costs many cities undertake when they help teams build stadiums


Wal-Mart wisdom

Wal-Mart wisdom

By Joel Belz

Citizen shoppers aren't overly worried about federal snoops project

Present at the creation

Present at the creation

By Gene Edward Veith

Neither state, nor church, nor individuals can change what marriage is

All your mind

By Andrée Seu

It's for a good reason that the Christian life is not a to-do list

Total recall

By Marvin Olasky

Finding a third way between lifetime appointment and election of judges


Letters from our readers


Notable Music

By Blue Highway, Dire Straits, Paul McCartney, Rick Moranis & The Ramones

Notable CDs | Five noteworthy Grammy nominees

Grizzly Man

Grizzly Man

By Andrew Coffin

Movies | A documentary of environmental activist Timothy Treadwell excels in its harsh reality

Nanny McPhee

Nanny McPhee

By Andrew Coffin

Movies | Emma Thompson stars in a film she wrote

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