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Cover Story

Into the light

by Lynn Vincent

Cover Story | Novelist Anne Rice leaves the vampire Lestat and embraces Christ, "the ultimate supernatural hero"

In this issue: "Into the light," Dec. 3, 2005


Trading spaces

By Jill Nelson

Israel | Kicked from Gaza, where do settlers go? To the Negev, where Israel will add billions and subtract Bedouins to make it livable

Left behind

India | Millions of lower-caste Indians remain untouched by a booming economy

Good-mood conservatives

By Russ Pulliam & Warren Cole Smith

Politics | Republican rising stars Mike Pence and Mark Sanford are making all the right enemies

Beginnings and ends

By Edward E. Plowman

Religion | A conservative Baptist pioneer dies, historic mainline denominations shrivel, and other religious news

A reasonable religion

By Marvin Olasky

Interview | Author Rodney Stark on how Christianity changed politics, economics, and much besides



"He taught us to do the right thing, and that got him caught." Garrett Ginglen, who with his two brothers turned in their father, William Ginglen, when they…

Quick Takes

ID tag For shame: A Florida state senator wants to use embarrassment as a tool against drunken driving. Mike Fasano proposed that license plates issued to…

The Buzz

The latest on this week's biggest stories

Chair in the door

By Hugh Hewitt

The entire machinery of judicial nominations seems to have ground to a halt under Arlen Specter's leadership


Dover disruption

By Mark Bergin

Science | The democratic blow to the ID movement is likely to reverberate in school boards nationwide

Feeding force

By John Dawson

Sports | Takeru Kobayashi has given the competitive eating world its first superstar


Some straight talk - at last

By Joel Belz

The president finally moves decisively on two critical fronts

Silent witnesses

By Gene Edward Veith

Why do so many Christian videos and books leave out Christ?

The next thing

By Andrée Seu

Why fear the future when the future belongs only to God?

The good new days

By Marvin Olasky

Rodney Stark's picture of the past gives hope for the future


Letters from our readers


Bestselling books

By Peter Schweizer, Jimmy Carter, Lynne Truss & David Halberstam

Notable Books | Four bestselling nonfiction hardbacks as of Nov. 21

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

By Gene Edward Veith

Movies | Despite bad language and serious horror, Goblet of Fire is in many ways the most positive of the series


By Gene Edward Veith

Television | The show's affable crew of experts and handymen takes urban legends-those "true stories" that circulate from person to person-and puts them to the test

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