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Cover Story

Suburban warriors

by Mindy Belz

Cover Story | Sleepless nights, rowdy classrooms, and unquenched young anger turn France on its head and give a foothold to Muslim radicals

In this issue: "Riots in France," Nov. 19, 2005


Wrist slap

By Priya Abraham

Saudi Arabia | The Bush administration grants diplomatic waivers to its kingpin Arab ally while evidence of religious oppression grows

Hardest hit

By Jamie Dean

Florida | Hurricane Wilma's most vulnerable victims-thousands of retirement community residents-are still trying to recover. "For the ones who have no family around . .

Cell blocked

By Mark Bergin

Religion | Church-state separatists threaten funding for a prison ministry that changes lives

Bruised Reed

By Jamie Dean

Politics | Ralph Reed is not accused of doing anything illegal, but will a penchant for not divulging connections come back to haunt



Memorable things they said

Quick Takes

Cops aren't dummies Southern California traffic drove 28-year-old Kevin Morgan to search out creative ways to use the area's restricted, high-occupancy…

The Buzz

The latest on this week's biggest stories

Our deep divide

By Hugh Hewitt

This week's election losses prove Republican candidates cannot approach 2006 in timid fashion


No promises

By Timothy Lamer

Money | Leave it to Time magazine to offer up a scoop and then miss the most important part of the story. Donald Bartlett and James Steele, in the cover story of the…

Time out for T.O.

By John Dawson

Sports | The Eagles suspend Terrell Owens for his off-field antics


Empty religion

By Joel Belz

In France it's what adherents don't have that ties them together

Ban the culture

By Gene Edward Veith

It's the only way to protect schoolchildren from Christian lit

Andree's aphorisms

By Andrée Seu

The longer I live, the truer the Bible gets-and other things I've learned

Islam for Dhimmis

By Marvin Olasky

Background reading to balance the leading struggle of the 21st century


Letters from our readers


Best-selling books

By Anita Shreve, Robert Hicks, E.L. Doctorow & David Baldacci

Notable Books | Four bestselling novels as of Nov. 7

Walk the Line

By Andrew Coffin

Movies | Solid in most respects, this film about Johnny Cash only occasionally soars in the way it could or shoul

Chicken Little

By Andrew Coffin

Movies | Story quality, not animation skill, is where Disney falls short of Pixar


By Gene Edward Veith

Movies | This film drains the military life of any kind of honor, patriotism, faith, and virtue

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