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Cover Story

Fair play

by Lynn Vincent

Cover Story | Will lawmakers give Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito the same treatment plaintiffs say they had from his bench? "I felt I had had my day in court

In this issue: "Samuel Alito," Nov. 12, 2005



By Mindy Belz

News analysis | In the CIA/Scooter Libby scandal, when is a leak one leak too many?

Beyond terror

By Priya Abraham

Indonesia | Shocked Sulawesi struggles to comprehend the beheading of three schoolgirls in a region grown used to Muslim attacks


By Lynn Vincent

Iraq | How one American policeman may change the future of Iraq

Firm foundation?

By Edward E. Plowman

Religion | Bankrupt Council of Churches turns to lobbyists and foundations

No-compromise conservatives

By Jamie Dean

Interview | Former Senate maverick Jesse Helms calls for tough-minded government spending and tender-hearted Christian charity

Child soldiers

By Courtney Lancaster

Africa | An ex-confidant of Uganda's deranged rebel leader Joseph Kony traces his macabre tactics in a hidden war using invisible children

Immigrant's dream

By Hugh Hewitt

Supreme Court | Alito's nomination should remind immigrants that the American dream still exists


Quick Takes

Locking up baby Equality in Sweden has reached a new level-the Swedish government may be ready to allow dads in the lockup to raise their children behind…


Memorable things they said

The Buzz

The latest on this week's biggest stories

Make the rich pay

By Cal Thomas

Billions can be saved if Congress cuts outdated subsidies


"At least they didn't fire me"

By John Dawson

Sports | Penn State's Joe Paterno is winning again in his 40th season with the Nittany Lions

Generic solution?

By Timothy Lamer

Money | Many people do not know they could personally save $10 or more on each prescription co-payment if they bought generics


Get the big things right

By Joel Belz

President Bush could do himself -and his supporters-a favor by telling all the truth on Iraq

Friendliest book in the world

By Gene Edward Veith

Tony Campolo sets his record straight on Bibles and endorsements

Rude, mad, and smugly

By Janie B. Cheaney

Hell hath no fury like a scholar dissed online

History lessons

By Marvin Olasky

A high-school reading list tells America's story


Letters from our readers


Bestselling CDs

By Stephen Bruton, The Innocence Mission, The Irish Tenors, Billy Joe Shaver & Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives

Notable CDs | Five gospel-friendly albums by non-contemporary Christian music performers

The Squid and the Whale

By Andrew Coffin

Movies | Viewers might wish that Noah Baumbach's painful, semiautobiographical story was obscured in unsearchable depth


By Andrew Coffin

Movies | Cut out a few unnecessary profanities, and Jon Favreau has another winner on his hand


By Gene Edward Veith

Movies | New film tells the story of how Truman Capote wrote his book, In Cold Blood

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