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Comeback comics

Comeback comics

by Gene Edward Veith & Lynn Vincent

Cover Story | With industry revival at hand, thanks to Hollywood and loyal fans, comic-book makers have yet to defeat their own evil villains

In this issue: "Superheroes strike again," Aug. 6, 2005


Block the vote

By Mark Bergin

Politics | Partisan politics and faulty technology thwart election reform

No charm in Sharm

By Mindy Belz

Terrorism | Sinai attacks undermine economy and may create an election rumble

No sanctuary

By Priya Abraham

Zimbabwe | Mugabe tsunami closes in on churches that aid refugees

Love thy neighbor, love the neighborhood

By Mark Bergin

Environment | Debate over global warming heats up among evangelicals

Go east, young man

Go east, young man

By Marvin Olasky & Susan Olasky

Africa | You don't have to be a superman to help. You do need to roll with the punches, sleep sometimes in cold rooms, and calmly say when things go wrong, It's Africa

'Beyond Belief'

'Beyond Belief'

By Arsenio Orteza

Interview | Bobby Darin's half-brother, Gary Walden, speaks out about Kevin Spacey's Beyond the Sea, a movie that he says paints an ugly and inaccurate view of his family


The Buzz

By The Editors

A quick look at the latest news and this week's top stories

Quick Takes

Quick Takes

By The Editors

Discount romance Wal-Mart shoppers in Roanoke, Va., will soon learn they're looking for love in all the wrong places. Under orders from the corporate offices…


By The Editors

"All IRA units have been ordered to dump arms." From a statement by the Irish Republican Army. The IRA said it would pursue its goals through "exclusively…

Hollywood disconnect

By Hugh Hewitt

As we approach the fourth anniversary of 9/11, not a single major motion picture has been released that honors those fighting the Global War on Terror.


Back in tune

By Timothy Lamer

Money | A substantial increase in legal online music sales proves moral standards can be restored

Life and Lance after the Tour

By John Dawson

Sports | While Lance Armstrong insists his pro cycling days are over, he maintains his athletic days are not



By The Editors

Letters, feedback, etc.

Livingstone's prayer

By Marvin Olasky

Will affluent America fulfill the great missionary's vision?

Good news, bad news

Good news, bad news

By Andrée Seu

A random survey produces mixed results on defining the gospel

'Roots do matter'

By Joel Belz

The National Archives houses a 229-year-old must-see

Salty dogma

By Gene Edward Veith

Bono gives an explicit confession of being saved by Grace, not Karma


Bestselling CDs

By The Editors

Notable CDs | The top five pop catalog albums according to Billboard, July 23

The Island

By Gene Edward Veith

Movies | Packing a powerful pro-life punch, this movie could change some minds about cloning

March of the Penguins

March of the Penguins

By Andrew Coffin

Movies | A documentary on the annual trek of Emperor penguins is dazzling audiences

Must Love Dogs

By Andrew Coffin

Movies | There's nothing remotely admirable about the relationship of the lead characters in this typical romantic comedy

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