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Cover Story


by Mindy Belz

Cover Story | As Iowans again jumpstarted America's election season last week, Iraqis remained eager to start their own democratic traditions. But radical groups who oppose…

In this issue: "Iraq: The other caucuses," Jan. 31, 2004


Field promotion

By Bob Jones

National | COURTS: President Bush fought back against filibustering Democrats by granting Charles Pickering a recess appointment, but it will take solid Republican…

Dallas mavericks

By Edward E. Plowman

National | RELIGION: As liberal leaders depart from biblical standards, conservative Episcopalians form "a church within the church"


By John Dawson

National | The meek shall inherit the NFL Consider the options now for the NFL's copycat teams. You know the ones. It's the teams who picked up on the run-and-shoot…


By Chris Stamper

National | 35mm negative Loyalists of the 35mm camera insist that their mainstay outperforms digital cameras, but they received a big vote of no confidence this month.


By Dan Perkins

National | Feds and Ephedra THE U.S. FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION PLANS to ban the sale of ephedra later this spring, citing at least 155 deaths associated with the use…

Did Dean peak way too early?

By Bob Jones

National | PRESIDENTIAL POLITICS: From outsider to front-runner to outsider again, Howard Dean will look to recapture the momentum that made him such a big target in the…

The four-year plan

By Bob Jones

National | STATE OF THE UNION: President Bush's annual report to the nation lays out his agenda-and rationale-for a second term



By The Editors

A-changin' race Let's not forget that Howard Dean was supposed to be the internet candidate. What did the official Dean blog ( have to say…

The buzz

By The Editors

Iraq Terrorists continued their assaults on U.S. soldiers and Iraqis last week. In separate incidents on Jan. 22: Mortar rounds killed two U.S. soldiers and…

Quick Takes

Extended streak A trio of teenage streakers, who ran naked earlier this month through a Spokane, Wash., Denny's restaurant, found that their streak lasted a…


We'll have the John Kerry people in the living room, John Edwards in the dining room, and Dean on the sun porch. Iowa Caucus Co-chairman Karene Eades, in…


Dereliction of duty

By Joel Belz

Mainstream media ignore both the facts and their journalistic task

Time well spent

By Andrée Seu

Facing disarray, Philadelphia public schools are turning to churches

Stay the course

By Marvin Olasky

For all of the Bush administration's faults, it's good to have a president who knows about a set of rules "bigger than government rules"


Required reading Congratulations on the 2003 special year-end issue of WORLD (Dec. 27/Jan. 3). The photos and text were synchronized in such a fashion that it…


'A lucky life'

By Susan Olasky

Culture | INTERVIEW: America may not have a better writer than Joseph Epstein, but his essays and short stories offer very different outlooks on life. The former editor…

A view of the Word

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Mel Gibson's The Passion is receiving so much attention that another movie about the life of Christ-one that may even prove more satisfying-risks being…

Irish eyes smiling

By Andrew Coffin

Culture | In America is a strange hybrid of a film. On the one hand, it asks its audience to take some preposterous mental leaps, to the point where the movie verges on…

Will power

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Logical conclusions: According to Wesley Clark's existentialist metaphysics, most of us are not alive

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