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Growing their own

by Lynn Vincent

Cover Story | ABORTION: In a bid to reverse pro-life trends among young people, pro-abortion groups are trying to recruit teen activists

Cover Stories

So what's next?

by The Editors

Cover Story | AFTER A DECADE-LONG battle, Congress finally banned partial-birth abortion last year. Many young people, aware of aborted contemporaries they will never meet,

Cover Stories

Lawmakers, lawbreakers

by Gene Edward Veith

Cover Story | Even though churches have lost significant influence over society, they do at least retain authority over their own members. A look at churches that are…

In this issue: "Roe v. Wade @ 31," Jan. 17, 2004



By John Dawson

National | Around the horn The split national championship became official when the Coaches Poll awarded its national championship to LSU after the Tigers handled…


By Chris Stamper

National | Net worthless WANT A COLLEGE DEGREE FOR $600? Want a high-school diploma for $300? Numerous diploma mills offer deals like this for job seekers looking for…


By The Editors

National | Fraud fight STILL WAITING FOR A BILL THAT should have already arrived? Did you receive a credit card you didn't apply for? Are you being denied credit for no…

Church-government structure: A neglected focus of the debate

By Timothy Lamer

National | It was A small group of New Hampshire Roman Catholics, but what they did managed to make the Associated Press news wire late last year. Members of New…

Waging peace

By Bob Jones

International | MIDDLE EAST: Iraq war critics may never acknowledge it, but isn't it possible that the capture of Saddam Hussein might have sparked momentum for peace in the…

Dress rehearsal?

By Mindy Belz

International | AFGHANISTAN: Despite Washington's happy appraisal, human-rights activists decry the new Afghan constitution-and the precedent it may set for the future of…

Seasonal SARS?

By Bob Jones

International | HEALTH: China health officials respond quickly on reports of a new SARS case, but its reappearance raises fears that the deadly virus could show up regularly

Welcome to America

By Bob Jones

National | IMMIGRATION SECURITY: New fingerprinting and photograph rules at U.S. airports raise the usual complaints from the usual sources, but will the Bush…

Positive bounce

By Bob Jones

National | SPACE: After a disastrous 2003, NASA gets New Year's wish: a successful Mars landing

An incomplete report card on clergy abuse?

By Edward E. Plowman

National | RELIGION: Church audit of progress on reforms shows 90 percent compliance; victims' groups question the credibility of the process


The Buzz

By The Editors

ANTI-TERROR SECURITY Heightened U.S. security demands-particularly the new sky marshal orders-are stressing already strained relations with Europe. Philip…

Quick Takes

Name dropper II James Paul Egan went to great lengths to conceal his identity when he allegedly robbed a Bakersfield, Calif., convenience store-at least at…


I have yet to meet a U.S. citizen who wants to make farm labor his long-term career. Maggie Mejia, president of the Modesto, Calif., Latino Community…


By The Editors

Deal breakers J.P. Carter ( has a simple solution that goes to the heart of the "gay marriage" problem: Constrain judges who think that…


Sticker shock

By Justin Taylor

Pro-abortion slogans may sound profound to some people, but they add up to nonsense

Dizzy Dean

By Joel Belz

From one Iowan to the others: The Democrats are headed for total silliness if they nominate the former governor of Vermont

Birth defects

By Marvin Olasky

Abortion | Abortion is causing social problems in India and throughout the world


Excellent choice Phillip Johnson was an excellent choice for your Daniel award ("Daniel of the Year," Dec. 13). More than any other person in the last decade,


Cold mountain movie ...

By Andrew Coffin

Culture | The biggest problem with Cold Mountain, director Anthony Minghella's adaptation of Charles Frazier's much-lauded novel, is that, despite the grandiose setting…

... cool mountain music

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Think of Cold Mountain as the prequel to O Brother, Where Art Thou. Whereas the latter movie was a mock epic imitating Homer's Odyssey, Cold Mountain is a…

Pro-life penalty

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | The state acts as God's agent when it kills those who have killed

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