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Court's Eye for the married guy

by Lynn Vincent

Cover Story | Should a man be allowed to marry another man and a woman another woman? Activist courts say yes, most Americans say no, and politicians will have a tough time…

In this issue: "Gay marriage backlash," Dec. 6, 2003


'We're playing hardball'

By Lynn Vincent

National | ABORTION: A contractors' boycott stopped the construction of a local Planned Parenthood abortion facility; pro-life leaders want to export the tactic…

Slaying the giant

By Gene Edward Veith

National | Stop Planned Parenthood (STOPP), a division of the Virginia-based American Life League, focuses its pro-life fight on the nation's leading abortionist.

Home-field advantage

By Lynn Vincent

National | EDUCATION: Should homeschool kids be able to participate in public-school activities? The issue divides even homeschoolers


By John Dawson

National | sports


By Jennifer Marshall

National | education


By Edward E. Plowman

National | religion

"A very grateful man"

By Priya Abraham

International | In recent months it has become even more difficult for Iranian Christians, and other persecuted believers, to win refuge in the West.

Refuge refused

By Priya Abraham

International | IMMIGRATION: Efforts to keep foreign terrorists out of the United States are also closing the door to persecuted refugees

Iraq around the clock

International | WAR ON TERROR: The quickening pace of military operations in postwar Iraq is being determined in part by the political calendar, in part by Iraqi distaste for…


Quick Takes

Buckeye justice The annual football game between Ohio State and Michigan is one of the fiercest rivalries in all of sports, and this year it even found its…


The total lack of remorse seemed to cap it for us. Virginia Beach, Va., juror Dennis Bowman on last week's jury recommendation of the death penalty for John…


By The Editors



Postal Notes

By Joel Belz

An outpouring of reader response has helped us monitor, and improve, the delivery of WORLD

'Tis the season

By Andrée Seu

We're probably stuck with the excesses of Christmas, but we can still turn holiday tradition to the advantage of the kingdom of God


The problem with Gen. Boykin is not Gen. Boykin at all but journalists like Mr. Arkin who promote their own brand of religious fanaticism. Is this a surprise…

Pluralism by providence

By Marvin Olasky

Christians should strive to be faithful in the time and situation in which God has placed us


Unbelieving 'born-agains'

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Research continues to reveal a steady theological collapse among professing Christians in America

Stray Cat

By Andrew Coffin

Culture | In addition to Disney's dismal Brother Bear, three "family" movies are currently clamoring for your children's attention in theaters.

Slightly off Toons

By Andrew Coffin

Culture | Compared to The Cat in the Hat, Looney Toons: Back in Action is merely mediocre.

Elfin magic

By Andrew Coffin

Culture | The pleasant surprise of the holiday season so far is Elf.

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