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Cover Story

Courtly Combatant

by John Perry

Cover Story | Berkeley law professor Phillip Johnson has been in the lion's den since 1991, when he horrified the "mandarins of science" by publicly challenging Darwinism.

In this issue: "Daniel of the Year 2003," Dec. 13, 2003



By Dan Perkins

National | Retro retail SHE MAY BE OLDER THAN THEIR moms, but Barbie is still a big hit with young girls. First introduced at the New York Toy Fair in 1959, Barbie tops…


By John Dawson

National | Big 12 blues If you go strictly by the record book, Nebraska's firing of Cornhuskers legend Frank Solich came one year too late. After all, wouldn't it have…


By Chris Stamper

National | Shop and ship This Christmas season is a big test for America's online stores. They hope shoppers will be in a merry mood, yet willing to skip the drive to…

Thursday night live

By Priya Abraham

International | IRAN: Anti-government broadcaster gives Iranian citizens a chance to sound off on their hated theocratic regime-and asks the U.S. government to tune in

Davey vs. Goliath

By Bob Jones

National | LAW: The Supreme Court appears poised to render another landmark 5-4 ruling on religious liberty, with Sandra Day O'Connor once again the likely swing vote.

A busy week for the Supremes

By John Dawson

National | A decade after White House attorney Vince Foster's suicide, one man's crusade for the release of photos of Foster's dead body reached the Supreme Court. On…

A season to be jolly

By Timothy Lamer

National | ECONOMY: A string of economic reports suggests a rebound reminiscent of the early 1980s may be underway

Santa Claus has come to town

By The Editors

National | CONGRESS: Whatever happened to the Republican Revolution? Under President Bush and a GOP-controlled House and Senate, federal spending-larded with pork-barrel…

More equal than others

By Lynn Vincent

National | EDUCATION: School districts are offering special public schools for homosexuals, giving them a way out of bad, unsafe schools that others cannot escape

Debate settled

By Mindy Belz

International | LETTER FROM IRAQ: As anti-war protesters posture for the cameras, Iraqis say their daily lives-though difficult-are better now since their liberation from…


The buzz

By The Editors

SUPREME COURT The government's terror-fighting tools are under scrutiny in the federal courts. Last week, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals invalidated…

Columbus copycat?

By Bob Jones

Insanity was a word that echoed frequently throughout the Washington area during last year's sniper spree that claimed 10 lives. It just seemed insane, the…


By The Editors

The 'unseemly' Mrs. Clinton Mickey Kaus ( may claim to be a Democrat, but the joy he takes in pouncing on his fellow party-members makes Blog…

Quick Takes

Keystone criminal, I Suspected mugger Tony Spencer apparently didn't do his homework. Mr. Spencer allegedly tried to pull a stickup at a Chicago ATM last…


All they cared about was a stupid DVD player. Linda Ellzey of Orange City, Fla., after a mob of shoppers rushing into a Wal-Mart Supercenter for a sale…


Who's to say?

By Joel Belz

Before too long, there's good reason to fear that relativistic question will settle almost every philosophical difference

Brokenhearted joy

By John Piper

Taking the swagger out of Christian cultural influence

Bilingual & bicultural

By Marvin Olasky

Daniel in Babylon is a model for faithfully working in the dominant culture without being of it


Trailblazers Let me congratulate WORLD for paying attention to independent artists like Belle & Sebastian and Death Cab for Cutie (Best-selling CDs, Nov.


Window pain

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | In a regulatory dispute over private homes, neither New York nor the Amish will give an inch and a half

Cruise control

By The Editors

Culture | Say this about The Last Samurai: It has exceptional production values. The period detail feels authentic, the scenery is exquisite, and the battles are…

Shouting heads

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Presenting both sides is the way contemporary journalists think they are being objective. On television talk shows, "fair and balanced" often means two…

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