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Cover Story


by Mindy Belz

Cover Story | COVER STORY: This Islamic holy month has been brutal for the targets of al-Qaeda terror. That-together with protests abroad, impatience at home, and an…

In this issue: "Iraq: Bloody Ramadan," Nov. 29, 2003



By John Dawson

National | Joke's on who? Some called Nov. 13 the blackest day in baseball history, while still others rejoiced. Such are the mixed emotions following Major League…


By Chris Stamper

National | Bold in blue Add a new technology buzzword to your vocabulary: bluejacking. The term refers to a new type of junk message, sent as a text alert on PDAs and…

Faithful to Ana

By Lynn Vincent

National | CULTURAL: Websites are helping girls embrace a "lifestyle" of eating disorders

Stealing Christmas

By Edward E. Plowman

National | COURTS: The holiday season is lawsuit season for secularist grinches; religious-liberties groups fight for displays, and offer tips

Losing in overtime

National | JUDICIARY: Senate GOP's judicial marathon ends with two more nominees stalled-and Republicans unwilling to close ranks behind a maneuver to stop the blockade

Let's talk it over

By Priya Abraham

International | NORTH KOREA: U.S. officials press for a new round of diplomacy with North Korea-as some in the Senate emphasize the dismal human-rights conditions under Kim…

Fervor and optimism

International | RELIGION: Scholars are detecting a growing interest in spiritual matters in France and throughout Europe


The Buzz

By The Editors

BUSH/BLAIR SUMMIT Britain is the most likely terrorist target in the West, said a new study released just as President Bush arrived in London for a three-day…

Massachusetts mangles marriage

By Joel Belz

If ever in American jurisprudence there were a single court decision calculated to spawn a "perfect storm" of still more litigation and major political…


By The Editors

One on one Mickey Kaus ( suggests that Democratic leaders should schedule a made-for-TV series of pre-primary smackdowns: "Instead of one…

Quick Takes

Dressing to kill Ohio truck driver John Gilmore took the trucker's obsession with time management a little too far. The LaPorte County (Ind.) Sheriff's…


Here we go again. Brian Oxman, attorney for the family of Michael Jackson, after a warrant was issued last week for the pop star's arrest on charges of child…


Preparing for battle

By Joel Belz

WJI sends students into the war zone of American journalism, but it needs your gifts to train its soldiers

A statesman's proposal

By Andrée Seu

Facing problems similar to the ones we have today, Dutch leader Abraham Kuyper built distinctively Christian institutions

And now, the backlash

By Marvin Olasky

A "big victory" in the Bay State on so-called gay marriage is more likely to lead to gay-rights defeat


I read your cover story with mixed emotions. Several weeks ago, while attending to the needs of my 82-year-old father who had suffered a stroke and could not…


Taking every thought captive

Culture | BOOKS: WORLD will occasionally ask experts in various fields for their reading recommendations. Here are suggestions from Jeff Baldwin, research director for…

Worth seeing ...

By Marvin Olasky

Culture | An elusive enemy comes out of the day's fog and the night's darkness, wreaking havoc. If the good but flawed civilization under attack gives up, more…

... But even more worth reading

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | The fans of Patrick O'Brian's sea-faring novels awaited the movie version with just as much anticipation and trepidation as did the 12-year-olds lining up for…

Victims as heroes

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Sentimentality has replaced both martial virtues and clear thinking

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