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Cover Stories

Where were you when JFK was shot? Three more remembrances of 1963

by The Editors

Cover Story | Charles Colson Founder, Prison Fellowship Former aide to President Nixon While serving as administrative assistant to a senior senator from Massachusetts,

Cover Stories

11/22/63: A day that changed America

Cover Story | COVER STORY: A young European journalist remembers the day of JFK's assassination, the odd fascination with finding "the real killer," and the loss of…

In this issue: "The Kennedy Assassination," Nov. 22, 2003


'No regrets'

By Joe Maxwell

National | TEN COMMANDMENTS: Moore removed, but not from the public eye

Not so easy as ABC

By Priya Abraham

National | AIDS: Abstinence emphasis in the Bush AIDS plan survives Congress, but will it carry the day among African leaders?

Metal and mettle

By Mindy Belz

National | ECONOMICS: President Bush played politics with steel tariffs, got slapped down, and now faces retaliation from Europe. With a real war going on, can he afford…

Except for "the chopping off of hands," Bremer is fine with Shariah

By The Editors

International | Beyond economics and security, coalition administrator L. Paul Bremer doesn't seem to have focused readily on the emerging Iraqi constitution. That is…

The growing pains of freedom

International | POSTWAR IRAQ: Shuttled between Baghdad and the White House, rebuilding between attacks, and dodging bullets, coalition administrator Paul Bremer insists-and…


Quick Takes

Unfinished business Two Finnish would-be bank robbers-who ended up willing to settle for a loan-were nonetheless sentenced to jail this month, while a third…


By The Editors

Lie and load Do North Korea's and Iran's dictators have better timing than Iraq's did? Catfish and Cod ( recounted Saddam Hussein's…

The Buzz

By The Editors

saudi bomb Last week's death toll in the war on terror claimed more non-Americans than U.S. lives as shadow forces targeted vulnerable U.S. allies in the…


I have no comment. I don't do comedy. U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) on reports that liberal humorist Al Franken (see p. 38) is considering a run against…


'It's not you, it's me, OK?'

By Andrée Seu

The cartoonish character of pro-abortion thinking

Blogging on

By Joel Belz

WORLD's new blogsite: A chance to join Marvin Olasky in his editorial "catbird seat"

Ring worms

By Marvin Olasky

The "passion for the inner ring" turns bold Washington outsiders into corrupt insiders


They're not kidding

Culture | FEATURE: Three best-selling liberal authors have come up with a clever tactic: Use humor to shield hate, cynicism, and unsupported accusations. Those who…

Spiritual capitalism

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Faith, economics, and freedom are connected, and we're running a deficit

Culture Beat

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | ESPN goes edgy "All sports, all the time" was the formula ESPN followed to make it one of the most successful of all cable channels. Today, the company, now…

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