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Cover Story

Saved by the bill

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | COVER STORY: How quick thinking and swift political action saved the life of a disabled woman-and rekindled a pro-life movement beaten down by defeat after…

In this issue: "Sciavo: Saved by the bill," Nov. 1, 2003


Prayer patrol

By Jennifer Marshall

National | Under God" is under scrutiny at the U.S. Supreme Court as the justices review a challenge to the Pledge of Allegiance. Meanwhile, the other two branches of…

Citizenship 101

By Jennifer Marshall

National | If homeschoolers can't be socialized, they'll just have to settle for being civilized," quips veteran education analyst Robert Morrison in response to the…

Report Card

By Jennifer Marshall

National | The education market is expanding in Colorado, where a voucher law signed last spring by Gov. Bill Owens would allow 20,000 students in 11 underperforming…

Off track

By John Dawson

National | In the world of international track and field, there may not be new dopers, just new kinds of dope. In the days after what some are calling the biggest…

Cubs and billy goats

By John Dawson

National | Certain superstitious Chicago Cubs fans may look to Oct. 6, 1945, as the day everything went wrong. The Cubs had just taken two of three games against Detroit…

Around the horn

By John Dawson

National | Food for thought for Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs fans: The Florida Marlins, just beginning their second decade as a sports franchise, were playing for…

New piper to pay

By Chris Stamper

National | THIS FALL'S BIGGEST HIGH-TECH battle pits two unlikely opponents: Apple and Napster. The Apple iTunes Music Store now faces competition from a relaunched,

Missing definition?

By Chris Stamper

National | THOSE PRICEY HDTV SETS ARE beautiful to look at-in the showroom. Once a new owner gets his new model home, he quickly discovers there isn't much to watch…

Fighting off infections

By Chris Stamper

National | FOR MOST PEOPLE, Inter- net viruses and service attacks are an obnoxious nuisance. For computer security companies, they're big business. Symantec, the maker…

Bits & Megabytes

By Chris Stamper

National | America Online is bringing back the Netscape name next year on a cut-rate Internet service. For about $10 a month, subscribers receive normal online access,

Navy blues

By Lynn Vincent

National | RELIGION: Are evangelical chaplains who refuse "to preach pluralism among religions" too "narrow" for the Navy?

Can't beat 'em? Skip 'em

By Bob Jones

National | POLITICS: Conceding first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses to frontrunner Howard Dean, two upper-tier Democrats-Clark and Lieberman-hope to break with history and…

Partial-birth, fully delivered

By Bob Jones

National | ABORTION: Without a hostile White House, pro-lifers secure a federal ban, but now the battle will shift back to the federal courts

Just talk? Or is it time to walk?

By Edward E. Plowman

International | ANGLICAN CRISIS: Traditionalist Episcopalians, fresh from an angry exchange with liberal leaders, are watching what happens next week, when an openly gay…

'Profound pain and uncertainty'

By Edward E. Plowman

International | Excerpts from the primates' statement, London, Oct. 17, 2003: "At this time we feel the profound pain and uncertainty shared by others about our Christian…

'Clinton did not have the will to respond'

By Mindy Belz

International | INTERVIEW: Author Richard Miniter chronicles how the Clinton White House passed up opportunities to seize Osama bin Laden

BOOK EXCERPT: Losing bin Laden

By The Editors

International | NEAR KHOST, AFGHANISTAN-When Osama bin Laden decided to publicly declare war on the Western world for the fifth time in the Clinton presidency, he called a…

Congrats, then criticism

By The Editors

International | A brutal political crackdown in Azerbaijan left U.S. officials embarrassed and confused over how to deal with the Central Asian country, a strategic ally in…

Another Cuba?

By The Editors

International | Bolivians will nurse their longstanding grudge against neighbor Chile, even if it costs them a few much-needed dollars and the United States an ally. South…


By The Editors

International | Persecution monitors may have been a little too prescient in choosing Indonesia as this year's International Day of Prayer poster child. The annual focus on…


Quick Takes

Pulling a fast one? Police nabbed Mike Ferguson for racing through a British highway at 104 mph on Jan. 16, but he had a pretty good excuse. He was driving an…


By The Editors

Eye on CBS, cont. The Home School Legal Defense Association pointed out last month CBS's "shameless attempt to smear an entire community of committed,


I can't ask you why God saw me fit to live at this time. Kirk Jones of Canton, Mich., after an unsuccessful suicide attempt last week in which he became the…


Knick-knack of civil religion

By Joel Belz

Does a pledge to a god that everyone can accept honor the one true God?

Acts II?

By Andrée Seu

What's happening in India's most-populous state may be simply normal kingdom growth

Nerve damage

By Marvin Olasky

Cubs and Red Sox fans should not blame curses, fate, or the "gods of baseball" for playoff problems


Our choices are not limited to either dominating the culture or insisting on a purely secular public square. A worldview pluralism that allows many religious…


In loco parentis

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Artificial wombs might end abortion, but the price would be the end of the family

Flex the brain

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | FEATURE: Reading books the right way will keep a mind in shape the way exercising keeps a body in shape

Fall titles, small shelves

By Susan Olasky

Culture | Every fall and spring publishers come out with new picture books. WORLD will be taking a look at some of the new ones and giving you our opinion about whether…

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