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Cover Story


by Bob Jones

Cover Story | COVER STORY: Legal challenges exhausted, the big debate over, with days to go before Oct. 7, voters in California have the last word in one of the oddest…

In this issue: "California's new governor," Oct. 4, 2003


Extracurricular curriculum

By Lynn Vincent

National | EDUCATION: Public-school deficiencies and the rise of school choice push millions of parents to the multibillion-dollar tutoring industry to help their…

Insufficient funds

By Edward E. Plowman

National | RELIGION: Episcopal conservatives are hitting runaway ECUSA leaders where it hurts most-in the pocketbook-as Anglican world leaders approach meeting on gay…

From the depths of woe

By John Dawson

National | By the end of this season, the Detroit Tigers will have likely slid past the 1969 New York Mets and set the modern record for futility in baseball at…

A young man's game?

By John Dawson

National | Maurice Clarett won't play college football this season, but he is rushing toward the courthouse. Mr. Clarett, the embattled and suspended Ohio State running…

Little big MAC

By John Dawson

National | It may not quite be parity, but through the fourth week of the college football season, the Mid American Conference-long the punchline of Saturday pigskin-had…

Around the horn

By John Dawson

National | Barry Larkin lasted in Cincinnati longer than controversial owner Marge Schott did, but he'll finish up his career somewhere else. The shortstop wants to play…

Bits & Megabytes

By Chris Stamper

National | AOL Time Warner denied rumors that it plans to unload America Online even as it drops the brand from its corporate name. Officials at the world's largest…

Tech support

By Chris Stamper

National | IS TECH BACK? SOME SIGNS SUggest that the three-year hangover after the dot-com bubble is fading. Intel reported increased demand, but was quick to downplay…

Engine trouble

By Chris Stamper

National | VERISIGN SAYS ITS NEW SEARCH ENGINE PROVIDES A VALUABLE SERVICE for wayward Internet surfers; others say it provides VeriSign with an unfair advantage, and…

'Schools are not going to be able to escape'

By Joe Maxwell

National | INTERVIEW: Secretary of Education Rod Paige argues that the president's massive hike in education spending will allow Uncle Sam to demand results-and push…

Michelman to step down

By John Dawson

National | In many ways it could be said Kate Michelman chose to battle pro-lifers rather than confront private sorrow. Ms. Michelman-who announced last week she would…

A little humble pie?

By Bob Jones

International | IRAQ: War opponents at the United Nations relish a "unilateral" president coming hat-in-hand for assistance in stabilizing Iraq. Bush says a Democratic Iraq…

The $87 billion question

By Mindy Belz

International | As postwar Iraq enters crucial fall months, prescriptions differ-even among conservatives and supporters of the war-on how best to bring stability to Baghdad.

United NGOs

By Mindy Belz

International | UNITED NATIONS: As Kofi Annan tries to dilute U.S. power at the UN, some of his key allies are not even nations

All rise!

By Bob Jones

National | LAW: The Supreme Court convenes a new term next week-with religious-liberty, federalism, and law-and-order cases on the docket

We hardly knew Yee

By Edward E. Plowman

National | CHAPLAINCY: Guantanamo arrest of Islamic cleric raises screening questions

'Maytag man' called

By The Editors

National | MAN KNOWS NOT HIS TIME: Farewell to "Ol' Lonely," the underutilized repairman of TV ads-and to other notables who passed away

The waiting is the hardest part

By John Dawson

National | ISABEL: As long as it took the hurricane to arrive, her effects will stay longer

Legal, but not safe

By Lynn Vincent

National | ABORTION: Teen's death renews old questions about RU-486 abortion drug



By The Editors

Backlash against a backlash Is an anti anti-Iraq-war-backlash backlash brewing in the press? Numerous bloggers have pointed out that journalists who were…


Our whole world is turned upside down. Rev. Cletus Connors to parishioners after a 15-year-old boy allegedly shot two students, killing one, at a Cold Spring,

'Very difficult days'

By Marvin Olasky

INDIA: Missionary killers are brought to justice, but new persecution looms for India's hated Christian minority

Quick Takes

House arrest Murder suspect Brandon Kent Henderson picked the wrong house when he tried to steal a car. Phoenix-area homeowner Jim Cook was hosting a Bible…


Toodling while Rome burns?

By Joel Belz

Evangelicals do not have an agreed-upon road map to guide us in matters of public policy


Art appreciation I really enjoyed the new look of the Sept. 6 issue. The changes in formatting and layout improve readability and allow quick access to each…

Lame evangelism

By Andrée Seu

God powerfully works through even awkward attempts to reach the lost

Inside baseball

By Marvin Olasky

Batting practice, Barry Bonds, and Bibles in the Braves' bathroom


Truth & Lions

By Andrew Coffin

Culture | MOST SMART, MEMORABLE, and really worthwhile children's movies don't pander to their adolescent audience. By contrast, plenty of disposable children's…

Stirring passion

By Andrew Coffin

Culture | MEL GIBSON'S AS YET unreleased movie on the final hours of the life of Christ continues to elicit strong reactions around the globe. The latest come from…

Gods and country

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | America's civil religion is becoming polytheistic, raising the question: Should we prefer a naked public square to the pagan alternative?

Cutting-room floor

By Andrew Coffin

Culture | HBO was the big winner again at this year's Emmy Awards. The cable network had a record 109 nominations and won 18 Emmys. CBS came in second with 16 awards;

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