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Cover Stories

A Shepherd and A statesman

by Edward E. Plowman

Cover Story | COVER STORY: He challenged and endured Nazi and Communist tyrannies. He helped institute reforms that opened the Bible to millions of Catholics. He stood fast…

Cover Stories

The preacher and the pope

by Edward E. Plowman

Cover Story Sidebar | The preacher and the pope

In this issue: "John Paul II: In memoriam," Oct. 25, 2003


A chilling precedent

By Bob Jones

National | EUTHANASIA: The forced starvation of Terri Schiavo may be part of a larger effort to dehumanize the severely disabled

PA system

By Mindy Belz

International | MIDDLE EAST: Leaders of the Palestinian Authority are condemning last week's attack on Americans in Gaza, but U.S. officials say Palestinian leaders could…

Countering Kim

By Priya Abraham

International | NORTH KOREA: Is diplomacy the solution to Kim Jong Il's tyranny?


By John Dawson

National | Sports

Beauty and the beastly practice

By Bob Jones

National | ABORTION: As was done successfully in California, Michiganders are poised to hand their governor an embarrassing rebuke


By Chris Stamper

National | Technology


'We sinners'

By Marvin Olasky

Rush Limbaugh's fall should lead to more gospel, not more gossip

Blog Watch: Lost in Space?

By The Editors

The news that China is launching a manned space mission has brought focus to a long-running blog debate over America's own manned space program.

Blog Watch: Eye on CBS

By The Editors

By WORLD's press time the most-read blogs had not picked up on one story of big media bias

Blog Watch: Rush judgments

By The Editors

Stephen Green (, back after a long hiatus-he thought he needed a break after he started dreaming about blogging-weighed in on the Rush…


I find it romantic bearing his illegitimate child and living next door. Actress Helena Bonham Carter on giving birth this month to film director and next-door…

Quick Takes

Returning to the scene of the crime Two Florida men who tried to rob a convenience store this month made it very easy for police to find them. First, they…


Not at all amusing

By Joel Belz

California proves Neil Postman's arguments about America's entertainment-driven public discourse

Authority always wins

By Andrée Seu

Even those who say they reject all arguments based on authority base their arguments on authority


Sue Saddam I would like to commend Mr. Hilmi, the Egyptian lawyer planning to sue the world's Jews to recover compensation for the plunder taken in the…

Books, boils, and baseball

By Marvin Olasky

Fall treadmill reading while the boys of summer eye the World Series


Praise the Lord, pass the ammo

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Moral reformation in the West must lead the defeat of terrorism

Reality Fiction

By Joel Belz

Culture | FEATURE: A bestseller with his very first novel, author Joel C. Rosenberg is hoping with The Last Days-and its distinctive blend of fact and fiction, along…

Raging river

By Andrew Coffin

Culture | CLINT EASTWOOD'S MYSTIC RIVER, which opened last weekend to lavish critical praise, is a disturbing, captivating movie and easily Mr. Eastwood's best work…

Cutting-room floor

By Andrew Coffin

Culture | Cutting-room floor

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