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Cover Story


by Bob Jones

Cover Story | COVER STORY: Even as Isabel lost some of her fearful momentum before slamming into the East Coast, disaster-relief teams stepped up their intensity in the…

In this issue: "Isabel's slow march," Sept. 27, 2003


Hot wings

By John Dawson

National | While a looming player lockout has some top NHL teams tightening the purse strings, teams like the Detroit Red Wings are still spending, and spending big. The…

Late bloomer

By John Dawson

National | Think of it: for half a million dollars and a minor-league tryout, any team could have bought the American League's leading Cy Young award candidate. In an…

Around the horn

By John Dawson

National | He's not quite Nostradamus, but Baltimore runner Jamal Lewis apparently does know when he's about to bust loose a big game. Before the Ravens' week-two game…

Voucher victory

By Jennifer Marshall

National | THE CLOCK HAD RUN OUT IN THE House vote on District of Columbia student vouchers, but a wavering vote tally left the outcome unclear. In the gallery above, a…

Technical difficulties

By Jennifer Marshall

National | The no Child left Behind (NCLB) legislation presented conservatives with plenty not to like, but one set of changes received their hearty endorsement:

Report card

By Jennifer Marshall

National | "Virtual" universities will have greater opportunity to compete in the higher-education marketplace under a bill introduced this month by U.S. Rep. Tom Cole…

Paper tiger

By Chris Stamper

National | A FEW YEARS AGO, SOME FUTURISTS CLAIMED E-books would make paper obsolete. If such a revolution ever happens, it may be generations away. In a huge vote of…

Locking Windows

By Chris Stamper

National | WEDNESDAY HAS A WHOLE NEW MEANING FOR Windows users. It's Update Day, when Microsoft issues the latest fixes for security flaws in its operating systems.

Cruz missile

By Lynn Vincent

National | CALIFORNIA: Recall politics may thwart an initiative that would end state classifications of citizens by race

'Never going to happen again'

By Priya Abraham

International | IRAQ: The highest-ranking U.S. official to visit postwar Iraq, Powell also gets a firsthand glimpse of Saddam's prewar terror-and promises to work to keep…

Back to regular programming

By Mindy Belz

International | ISRAEL: The summertime romantic soap opera between Israel and the Palestinians gives way to a sadly more familiar storyline

10 little Democrats

By Bob Jones

National | POLITICS: Clark's late entrance shakes up a Democratic race that lacked star power

Short circuited

By Bob Jones

National | CALIFORNIA: Last week's recall ruling is merely the latest in the string of surprises unleashed by the nation's most activist federal appeals court

As lawyers clean up small details, the show must go on in California

By Bob Jones

National | Just when it seemed America's weirdest election couldn't get any weirder, the nation's weirdest court weighed in with a decision that left California-and the…

Bits & megabytes

By Chris Stamper

National | Sharp plans to sell the world's first 3-D laptop. Users won't need special glasses, and the effects turn on and off at the touch of a button. The first model…


Quick Takes

Thumbs down A German gardener who gave up two fingers in a gory insurance scam will now have to give up some of his freedom. The Reuters news service reports…


By The Editors

From Gettysburg to Baghdad The flypaper theory, that American intervention in Iraq is drawing terrorists away from other targets, has gained tremendous…


I see women as if they were black tents walking the street. This is no longer suitable for the new century. Prince Talal, half brother of Saudi Arabia's King…

Classroom corrosion

By Marvin Olasky

EDUCATION: Reform efforts take aim at the same kill-or-be-killed philosophy


Too easy, too early

By Joel Belz

Would the war in Iraq actually be more popular now if it had not gone so well at the beginning?


Food for thought The size of food portions should not be an issue ("Why we are fat," Aug. 30). Restaurants compete for my entertainment dollars on ambience,

Consensus for convenience

By Andrée Seu

The rapid spread of legal gambling is not the result of thoughtful, reasoned arguments

Poor but blessed

By Marvin Olasky

Christian children in India enjoy the good instead of dwelling on the bad


Man in white

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Johnny Cash's stark and honest profession of faith gained a hearing and garnered respect

Luther stands

By Andrew Coffin

Culture | HOLLYWOOD: A new biopic about the great Reformer is captivating in a way that many Christian-themed movies are not

Orthodox innovator

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | WHEN I WAS A student at a secularist university, in a secularist philosophy course, my secularist professor opened class one day with an astonished look on…

Jonathan Edwards timeline

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | 1703: Born Oct. 5, at East Windsor, Conn. 1716-1720: Undergraduate at Yale College. 1720-1723: Studies theology and earns master's degree (M.A.) from Yale;

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