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Cover Story

No guarantees

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | New Palestinian prime minister Ahmed Qureia takes office with little power to tamp down rapidly escalating tensions-high even by Middle East standards.

In this issue: "Arafat: The devil you know," Sept. 20, 2003


Pirate patrol

By Chris Stamper

National | IT MAY BE TIME FOR MUSIC fans to start getting only what they pay for. The music industry this month filed 261 lawsuits against online music pirates. "When…

Bits & Megabytes

By Chris Stamper

National | A new British sports car is fit for James Bond; it drives on water. Gibbs Technologies' $235,000 Aquada convertible can reach speeds of over 30 mph when…

Ninth life?

By Thomas Jipping

National | SAYING THE CASE OFFERED THE "RAW MATERIAL from which legal fiction is forged," the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit this month affirmed the…

Weapon of war

By Thomas Jipping

National | IN A NEW BOOK, FORMER SOLICITOR GENERAL AND federal judge Robert Bork shows how judges have expanded their power at the expense of legislatures, not just in…

Legal Briefs

By Thomas Jipping

National | A federal judge in Alabama has ruled that the state may force abortionists to give patients information favoring childbirth over abortion. The state may not,

Old playbook

By John Dawson

National | Kobe Bryant attorney Roy Black may be going back to his early 1990s playbook to defend the Lakers star from rape allegations and a sexual-assault charge. Mr.

BCS goes to Washington

By John Dawson

National | The BCS is so unpopular, it's even drawing criticism from THE Congress. In early September during a congressional hearing on the Bowl Championship Series,

Around the horn

By John Dawson

National | Just eight days after celebrating his 21st birthday, Andy Roddick entrenched himself as the next generation of American men's tennis. The stage could not have…

Tale of two bishops

By Edward E. Plowman

National | RELIGION: Anglicans battle "heavy-handed" autocrats and their locksmiths

De-fang by defection

By Priya Abraham

International | NORTH KOREA: Can the United States end the nuclear nightmare in Pyongyang one defector at a time? It's worth a try

Misdirection play?

By Mindy Belz

International | SUDAN: Peace talks began last week to end Africa's longest-running civil war, but the Islamic government in Khartoum may be simply buying time to build its…

'A city that mourns'

By Mindy Belz

National | 9/11 POSTCARD: Two years later, only a few see a future in the rubble of the past

12 minutes, 24 months

National | PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: A United States congressman remembers the horror of the longest 12 minutes of his life

Strike three

By Lynn Vincent

National | CALIFORNIA: Ueberroth's exit narrows the field but doesn't make things any less complicated for Republicans in the recall race

ALABAMA: Read our lips ... no new taxes

By Bob Jones

National | In a resounding defeat that will likely shake statehouses across the country, Alabamians on Sept. 9 voted down a huge tax increase by a 2-to-1 margin. Bob…

INDIANA: After governor falls ill, his exit marks the end of an era

By Russ Pulliam

National | Indiana Lt. Gov. Joe Kernan surprised the political establishment when he announced he would not seek election next year. Now, following Gov. Frank O'Bannon's…


'Defense of liberty is not evil'

By Marvin Olasky

INTERVIEW: Ashcroft on 9/11 and Patriot Act critics


By The Editors

FAQ on blogging For readers who are new to blog reading, here are some frequently asked questions and answers. Q: Why do you keep putting Latin words in your…


What if we hadn't? Physicist Edward Teller, who died last week at the age of 95, on whether he regretted devoting his career to developing nuclear weapons for…

Quick Takes

Old, old clothes A German man returning from a trip to Senegal had to wait a while for his luggage to catch up to him-about 24 years. Duesseldorf police told…



"Held back" really lit my fire. Mrs. Waagmeester believes that taxpayers should subsidize religious instruction they oppose. Secular humanism is a religion…

The poverty paradox

Only those who recognize and mourn their utter spiritual impoverishment will receive God's rich spiritual blessings

As others see us

By Marvin Olasky

It matters how Christianity is presented in the public square

Please keep us posted

By Joel Belz

WORLD is launching a new effort to push the Post Office to deliver your magazine on time each week-but we need your help


Pretty in pink?

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Homosexuals are not only out of the closet; they are rearranging our cultural closet

'Like a puppy in a Christmas stocking'

By Susan Olasky

Culture | INTERVIEW: Novelist Anne Lamott discusses her family, her work, and her unorthodox view of Jesus

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