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Cover Story

Class warfare?

by Lynn Vincent

Cover Story | The lawsuit over school vouchers in Colorado is following a familiar pattern: Better-off suburban parents who are happy with their children's public schools…

In this issue: "Class warfare on vouchers," Aug. 23, 2003


The Sunday after

By Edward E. Plowman

National | Hurting and disgusted, Episcopal bishop Peter Beckwith of the Diocese of Springfield (Ill.) packed his bags three days early and drove home from Minneapolis.

Gutsy move

By Jennifer Marshall

National | It takes guts to place oneself in the limelight of public scrutiny," said Education Secretary Rod Paige last month in praise of six urban school districts'

Legal briefs

By Thomas Jipping

National | The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit upheld a Kentucky law designed to prevent ambulance-chasing. The law restricts access to police accident reports…

Kuhl's corner

By Thomas Jipping

National | Opposition to President Bush's appeals-court nominations is causing some unexpected rifts. Mr. Bush nominated Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Carolyn Kuhl to…

Racial resolution

By Thomas Jipping

National | Increasing numbers of Americans defy racial categories, but the American Bar Association wants the government to keep trying to count us by race. At its 2003…

'Not the usual guerrilla attack'

By Mindy Belz

International | Embassy bombing is a sobering sign of new tactics against coalition forces

'Have no fear of them'

National | How to survive "orientation" at a secular university

Half the president's men

By Joe Maxwell

National | PBS airs Jeb Magruder's new Watergate accusation against Nixon-but doesn't talk to the only other person who knows whether the charge is true


Quick Takes

Tortilla sunrise Nebraska work-release inmate William Dolge wasn't supposed to drink alcohol during his release, but apparently eating it was OK. When prison…


By The Editors

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We're interested in the Anglican Communion holding together not as a club but as a church. The Very Rev. Peter Karanja, provost of All Saints Cathedral in…


By The Editors

1 europe cooks Abnormally high temperatures have given rise to "a veritable epidemic" of heat-related deaths in France this month, according to French Health…

SCIRI radicals

By Mindy Belz

A new Governing Council gives Islamists both a podium and authority

An improbable dream

By Marvin Olasky

Baylor's athletic problems point to a greater academic challenge


Building from scratch

By Joel Belz

Are Middle Easterners-and Americans-ready for a new Marshall Plan?

Christ at the movies

By Janie B. Cheaney

Art can reflect truth, but only a preacher can preach it

Coming up empty

By Marvin Olasky

A liberal book shows the need for compassionate conservatism


Mr. Maxwell depicts conservative NEA delegates in glorious prose, then takes great care to document the potbellies and body piercings of those on the other…


Wandering shepherds

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Anglicans have had non-Christian bishops for decades, and heresy is even more harmful than homosexuality

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