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by Joe Maxwell

Cover Story | Reform-minded rebels of a new kind inside the National Education Association make themselves visible at this month's annual convention. That's about it. The…

In this issue: "Public-school reform," July 26, 2003


Wide-open spaces

By Chris Stamper

National | The smallest laptop isn't always the coolest. New widescreen laptops are all the rage, promising more desktop room-and a bigger screen for watching DVDs.

Buzz off

By Chris Stamper

National | Cell phones offer countless bells and whistles, but South Korea's SK Telecom offers one of the most unique: a ring tone said to repel mosquitoes. For about…

Bits and megabytes

By Chris Stamper

National | Japanese phone company NTT DoCoMo now sells a Dick TracyÐ style wristwatch. It sells more for its retro sci-fi look than its technology. The $310 Wristomo…

Frist's firsts

By Edward E. Plowman

National | New U.S. Senate chaplain Barry Black this month delivered his first prayer in Congress. Within the two minutes allowed for each day's opening prayer, he…

Supreme parents

By Edward E. Plowman

National | Remember those liberal judges on the Florida Supreme Court who tried so hard to keep George W. Bush out of the White House? Now they want to keep parents out…

Blue (Chip) flu

By Edward E. Plowman

National | Police officers who are religious believers can't refuse an assignment simply because some aspect of it violates their beliefs. That was the gist of a June…

Campers' big tent

By Bob Jones

National | Ah, summer camp: bonfires, ghost stories, poison ivy-and religious controversy. Should an evangelical organization be allowed to promote its camps and clubs…

Will it play in Indy?

By Russ Pulliam

National | Indiana governor's race could be an indicator of the political appeal of the president's faith-based initiative

'Blunderbuss' stop

By Edward E. Plowman

National | Another pivotal court case involving religious freedom appears headed for the U.S. Supreme Court. California federal judge Stephen Wilson last month declared…



I just want to say, 'Ahhhhh.' Departing White House spokesman ARI FLEISCHER in The Washington Times on what he planned to do on his first day off the job. Mr.

Quick Takes

It doesn't matter whether ex-customers are right The retail adage that "the customer is always right" is often hard to live with-so Filene's Basement discount…


By The Editors

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Lonely at Langley

By Mindy Belz

Embattled CIA chief Tenet has one thing going for him: the loyalty of the president


By The Editors

1 which way did they go? The recycled flap over Bush administration intelligence gathering has a way of obscuring real threats coming out of Iraq. Weapons…


Making distinctions

By Joel Belz

Big media specialize in calling falsehood truth-and vice versa


Ball boys Marvin Olasky's diagnosis of what ails Major League Baseball was brought home to me after my son and I spent the evening watching a local Babe Ruth…

Everything in its place

By Russell Board

The triumph of secularism is its ability to tell society what goes where

Summerhill revisited

By Marvin Olasky

Political power fails and market forces come to rule



By The Editors

Culture | The Top 5 best-selling hardbacks as measured by placement on four leading lists as of July 7, 2003

Southward shift

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | As Christianity fades in the West, churches of the "mission field" are rising to defend the faith

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