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Baseball on trial

by Marvin Olasky

Cover Story | Sammy Sosa received a seven-game suspension for breaking baseball's rules, but he is likely to retain the affection of most fans. The verdict for many…

Cover Stories

Better than a hit

by Marvin Olasky

Cover Story | At 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, June 8, ten Angels sitting on folding chairs in an unadorned room beneath the stadium stands heard 12 good minutes of expository…

In this issue: "How to fix baseball," June 21, 2003


The beginning of the end

By Edward E. Plowman

National | It was a shot heard around the Anglican world from Concord, N.H.

Uncommon law

By Edward E. Plowman

International | Whoa, Canada. The top court in the country's largest province last week ordered local authorities to grant marriage licenses to homosexuals wishing to wed.

First freedom

By Edward E. Plowman

National | Churches have free-speech rights, too.

Around the horn

By John Dawson

National | There will be no Battle of the Sexes, Round Two. At least not for Annika Sorenstam, who made history by playing in the PGA's Colonial in May. She got a…

NBA Spurned

By John Dawson

National | The way some pundits draw it up, an NBA finals without Michael Jordan or Lakers duo Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant is like a ship without a rudder.

Sammy's sabbatical

By John Dawson

National | If Sammy Sosa can smile about this baseball season, that may be all he can do.

Vote with the remote

By Chris Stamper

National | TiVo is watching you watch TV.

Only time

By Chris Stamper

National | It was only a matter of time that the common wristwatch would become obsolete. Watchmakers Fossil and Suunto are rolling out this fall Internet-enabled…

Money changers?

By Lynn Vincent

National | High-profile scandal puts a harsher spotlight on accounting practices

Ending Raines's reign

By The Editors

National | An ethics crisis at The New York Times reveals that influential weblogs now have a seat at the editorial table: at first, they could take credit for tipping…

Bits and megabytes

By Chris Stamper

National | Keep your anti-virus software updated: BugBear.B is the latest big computer virus to wreak havoc worldwide. Hackers can use it to take over infected PCs and…


Flashtraffic: Interview with Larry Kudlow

By Joel C. Rosenberg

Larry Kudlow's stock is skyrocketing. His CNBC political/financial show with Jim Kramer attracts some of the biggest names in Washington and on Wall Street.


He made us feel like goddesses, fairy princesses, Cinderellas. We had all found our Superman, our knight in shining armor. Sarah Calder of Calais, Maine, on…

Quick Takes

Appealing to a higher authority Officials with the Adams County/ Ohio Valley School District didn't want to remove giant Ten Commandments tablets from the…

Following their leaders

By Timothy Lamer

By working on yet another federal entitlement-prescription drugs for Medicare recipients-Congress is poised to start the clock on another economic time bomb

Top News

By The Editors

1 the hamas roadblock Palestinian terrorist leaders followed through on promises to disrupt a roadmap to peace in the Middle East. Well, at least they hired…


Playing favorites

By Joel Belz

All of us practice affirmative action-when it is on our own terms


As a father and grandfather I wept as I read the personal stories about the heroes of the war and the families and friendships they were part of. It is such a…

A long, slow fast

By Andrée Seu

Mutinous thoughts arise during a difficult spiritual discipline

Growing old together

By Marvin Olasky

The historical record supports biblical pragmatism


Blood-stained Bible

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Faith is a major theme in several recent country music hits-and that concerns some industry insiders

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