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Sound of sacrifice

by Lynn Vincent

Cover Story | For a city of military families used to the constant roar of military training, "the sound of freedom" has taken on new meaning-and new seriousness

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Ultimate reality TV

by Gene Edward Veith

Cover Story | The war is showing how TV can make us all witnesses to a historic event

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The air war

by Priya Abraham

Cover Story | The battle for public opinion intensifies as Middle East media whip up anti-American sentiment

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by Mindy Belz

Cover Story | Embedded reporters help put a human face on a shockingly powerful military assault. Embedded humanitarians in the command chain of Operation Iraqi Freedom…

Cover Stories

The Kurds' new day

by Mindy Belz

Cover Story | Day 1 of their longed-for liberation coincided with an annual spring festival that marks a tyrant's overthrow: Will history repeat?

In this issue: "Army of compassion," April 5, 2003


The spoils of football

By John Dawson

National | If Title IX defenders cite high levels of spending in major college football programs as a rallying cry, proponents of change may soon point to astonishing…

Crouching Tiger

By John Dawson

National | Special things tend to happen once Tiger Woods approaches a milestone.

Around the horn

By John Dawson

National | Ernie Els's hopes of competing in the PGA's Players Championship were dashed by a right-hand jab and an uncompromising punching bag.

Visionary medicine

By Chris Stamper

National | Some scientists see more potential in contact lenses than just vision correction.



I'm not a fan of real life. Real life's got some strange kind of rules. Actor Nick Nolte, who was arrested last year for driving under the influence of drugs.

Flashtraffic: Ashcroft bulks up anti-terror forces

By Joel C. Rosenberg

When Attorney General John Ashcroft heads to Capitol Hill this week for budget talks, it will be his first time in public since the Iraq war began. What's he…

Flashtraffic: Future of proposed tax cuts unclear

By Joel C. Rosenberg

President Bush's tax-cut plan is in jeopardy.

Week 1 worries

By Marvin Olasky

But will facts overcome presuppositions in reporting on the Iraq war?

Embedded truth

By Joel C. Rosenberg

Meet the inventor of the made-for-TV war: the Pentagon's Torie Clarke

Top News

By The Editors

1 iraq liberation: week 1 Why is Tony Blair smiling? Despite a sober week of the "brutal and bloody business" of war, which for Brits ended with two soldiers…

Quick Takes

Hitting boards instead of books As the NCAA men's college basketball tournament marched to the Final Four, a study released last week suggested that few of…


Books for children

By The Editors

Culture | 1 The Signers Dennis Brindell Fradin walker and co., 2002 CONTENT Short, well-written biographical sketches of the signers, organized by state, with maps,

In the book spotlight: Clifton Taulbert

By The Editors

Culture | Clifton Taulbert's memoir of growing up during the 1940s and '50s, Once Upon a Time When We Were Colored, is a wonderful celebration of his loving black…

Attention deficit

By Andrew Coffin

Culture | Hollywood shows its wartime insecurities during a low-rated Academy Awards event


Beyond nation building

By Joel Belz

There are indicators that President Bush's plan is very big indeed


"Siding with Islam" was well thought out and presented. I agree with your premise that journalists often provide religious coverage of the most cursory sort.

The quality of mercy

By Andrée Seu

Why Germans and Iraqis surrender to Americans

Golden rule

By Marvin Olasky

It's not loving to leave neighbors at the mercy of Saddam & Sons

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