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Cover Story


by Bob Jones

Cover Story | America gave her "blood and treasure," in the words of Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Richard Myers, to free the oppressed people of Iraq. So why are we…

In this issue: "Iraq: After the rout," April 26, 2003


Around the horn

By John Dawson

National | Question: How do you know your coach is leaving? Answer: When he insists the speculation is a non-story.

Giguere if you dare

By John Dawson

National | In the first round of the NHL playoffs, a recurring theme once again proved true: Goaltenders make or break a Stanley Cup run.

Draft day: Cincinnati bungles

By John Dawson

National | April in the NFL brings football fans back to one of the sport's great recent mysteries: How can the Cincinnati Bengals squander so much draft talent?



"I needed to be incarcerated." Former major league baseball outfielder Darryl Strawberry on serving time in prison. Mr. Strawberry, who was arrested numerous…

Quick Takes

Mama's boy Tom Snyder of Murray, Utah, is a self-proclaimed atheist, but he wants to say a prayer to "Our Mother, who art in heaven," before a meeting of the…


By The Editors

1 long-sought terrorist captured in baghdad At last count, the Americans, the Italians, and the Palestinians wanted Abu Abbas following his capture April 15.

Flashtraffic: Air Campaign

By Joel C. Rosenberg

A new evangelical air campaign is also underway in Iraq.

Flashtraffic: Ground Game

By Joel C. Rosenberg

The gospel ground game in Iraq is indeed a great story, and Franklin Graham doesn't mind who knows what he's doing.

Flashtraffic: On the Radar

By Joel C. Rosenberg

Franklin Graham, son of evangelist Billy Graham, hit Washington's radar screen after 9/11 when he called Islam a "very evil and wicked religion.

Home affront

By Marvin Olasky

Liberals are gaining some unnoticed victories in the culture war

Preteen allowance

By Priya Abraham

Child prostitution in Japan is just another way for girls to get mall money


Truth delayed

By Joel Belz

In an era of real-time news, CNN ought to be ashamed

Truth, wisdom, love

By Andrée Seu

A threefold method of thinking about the war with Iraq

Aimless reach

By Marvin Olasky

CNN had access in Iraq but hid the truth about Saddam & Sons


'An ally of parents and teachers'?

By The Editors

Culture | Walden Media is a well-funded, inside-Hollywood venture that, in the words of Walden chairman Cary Granat, hopes to "create popular entertainment that would…

Digging Holes

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Hollywood | Walden Media, a new company that's working on a live-action Narnia movie, produces a high-quality first release

Effectual call

By Andrew Coffin

Culture | Phone Booth (rated R for pervasive bad language and some violence) has an intriguing premise

R-rated rut

By Andrew Coffin

Culture | Hollywood typically defends its entertainment offerings by saying that it is simply giving the audience what it wants

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