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by Marvin Olasky

Cover Story | The war in Iraq marks a historical turning point, where worldview and technology work together to change the way war is waged

Cover Stories


by Lynn Vincent

Cover Story | History's most-photographed war shows victorious coalition military forces both projecting power and showing compassion

Cover Stories


by Mindy Belz

Cover Story | The fall of the capital unleashes jubilation among a long beaten-down population, but the really hard work begins now for Iraq-and for the United States

Cover Stories


Cover Story | Americans should be grateful for the British prime minister's help, but not starry-eyed

Cover Stories


by Gene Edward Veith

Cover Story | Cameras can't lie, but editors-by seeking to bolster what they presuppose-can

In this issue: "Baghdad set free," April 19, 2003


Defining ethics down

By Edward E. Plowman

National | A new ethics code greeted the nearly 500 students at United Methodist-related Duke Divinity School when they returned from spring break.

Office politics

By Edward E. Plowman

National | A federal judge this month ruled that an Evanston, Ill., church may worship on its own property.

Voucher victory

By John Dawson

National | If the states are the test tubes of democracy, the Colorado legislature is the Bunsen burner for the school-choice movement.

Ageless wonders

By John Dawson

National | Just because San Diego reliever Jesse Orosco is the oldest player in baseball doesn't mean he can take it easy.

Every Rose has its thorn

By Chris Stamper

National | Don't tell Bud Selig, but it's been hard to look past fallen star Pete Rose this year.

Title chasers

By Timothy Lamer

National | Syracuse's Jim Boeheim and Kansas' Roy Williams began this year's college basketball season sharing a dubious distinction: They were the most successful…

Around the horn

By John Dawson

National | There's no love lost between the Dallas Stars and the Edmonton Oilers-opponents in one of the NHL's first-round playoff series.


Flashtraffic: What to watch for in a post-Saddam Iraq

By Joel C. Rosenberg

Saddam Hussein's regime survived just three weeks beyond President Bush's ultimatum, but now a much longer process begins: rebuilding a war-ravaged country.


I hope you use your own toothbrush. Gloria Presnell, mother of Army Lt. Col. Mike Presnell, repeating what she told her son when he told her that he was going…

Quick Takes

Packing heat John Gladney didn't get far after robbing the National City Bank in Columbus, Ohio, last month. Police found him walking strangely and in severe…

What lies beneath?

By Mindy Belz

Uncovering the anthropology of war in Iraq is the work of fearless do-gooders


By The Editors

1 vi day Twenty-one days to victory. After more than a decade of fruitless United Nations sanctions and endless resolutions, coalition forces needed just…


Worth thousands of words

By Joel Belz

Images from imbeds didn't stop chatterers, but they did make the job harder


Fundamentally agreed The quote from CAIR's Hussam Ayloush caught my attention ("Truth or CAIR?" March 22). Just as secular fundamentalists attack Christians…

Real time

By Janie B. Cheaney

Dealing with Middle Eastern fantasies, and our own

Compassionate war?

By Marvin Olasky

Possible, if we say "Oh my God" and remember who He is



By The Editors

Culture | The Top 5 best-selling hardback novels as measured by placement on four leading lists as of April 1

Conflict of religions

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | We neglect the underlying religious issues in the war and terrorism at our peril

Man knows not his time

By Chris Stamper

Culture | Michael Kelly wanted a second Gulf War-and wound up its highest profile casualty.

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