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War inside the red zone

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | Week 2 pause brought out the naysayers-as U.S. commanders insisted the war was proceeding according to plan. Judgment of the quality of that plan would have…

Cover Stories

'Warming to us'

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | Iraqi suspicion over coalition-supplied relief is slowly melting, as a turf war begins raging in Washington

Cover Stories

Peter's pence

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | No one should be surprised at Peter Arnett's gullibility and irresponsibility

In this issue: "War inside the red zone," April 12, 2003


Unstuck at Rutgers

By Edward E. Plowman

National | Officials at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J., have seen the light: Constitutional rights trump political correctness.

A patriotic spring break

By Edward E. Plowman

National | Imagine this: American troops are spending their first weekend on Iraqi soil, it's spring break for collegians on South Florida's beaches, and among the…

Tough get tougher

By Chris Stamper

National | Think the Internal Revenue Service is tough?

Around the horn

By John Dawson

National | The Toronto Blue Jays hatched a plan that even legendary baseball promoter Bill Veeck would have been proud of.

Life after Michael (take 3)

By John Dawson

National | This is the end of Michael Jordan the player. No, really, he means it this time.

Soft speak vs. big stick

By John Dawson

National | Let this be a lesson in diplomacy for feminist Martha Burk.


Flashtraffic: Hastert steps up fundraising efforts

By Joel C. Rosenberg

Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) is intensifying his political schedule.

Flashtraffic: Kerry leads among Democrat candidates

By Joel C. Rosenberg

Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) appears to be emerging as the early front-runner for the Democratic nomination for president.

Flashtraffic: tax cuts in trouble

By Joel C. Rosenberg

More trouble could lie ahead for the Bush tax-cut plan.

Flashtraffic: Cheney cancels trip abroad in order to help oversee Iraqi war

By Joel C. Rosenberg

Vice President Dick Cheney will not head to Asia for two weeks this spring.


This animal is formidable. Steve O'Shea, research fellow with the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand, on a 330-pound, 16-foot-long squid caught…

Worse than war

By Marvin Olasky

War kills, but Saddam's "peacetime" regime is even more bloody

Ambassador Franklin

By Mindy Belz

Graham was helping Muslims before helping Muslims was cool: Since when did that become a threat to U.S. interests?


By The Editors

1 within range After a week-long lull that had some questioning the Pentagon's war plan (see p. 16), coalition forces resumed their advance with a vengeance,

Quick Takes

Reinventing the post office A New York Daily News investigation last month found that the U.S. Postal Service spends millions sending hundreds of Inspector…


Dividing, then uniting

By Joel Belz

How the same war can end up having both effects


Home of the willing There are those who want us destroyed and I know now that a march or a sign will not stop them. Our hope is in preventing those who hate…

Why we must try

By John Piper

The uncertainties of war and the hope of history

Facing the music

By Marvin Olasky

Those who love Christ should not have a spirit of fear


In the music spotlight: Jason Ringenberg

By Arsenio Orteza

Culture | Americana fans looking for the middle ground between Toby Keith's hawk tunes and the Dixie Chicks's dove ditties may enjoy Jason Ringenberg


By Arsenio Orteza

Culture | The Top 5 best-selling albums for the week ending March 29, according to Billboard magazine

Man knows not his time

By R. Albert Mohler Jr.

Culture | Daniel Patrick Moynihan-an intelligent public servant -fit neatly into no one's political label

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