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Fear of commitment

by Anne Morse

Cover Story | Leading academics and immigration lawyers want to drop the requirement that new citizens renounce allegiance to foreign nations and pledge allegiance to the…

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Devil's in the details

by Lynn Vincent

Cover Story Sidebar | In some states, unborn children who make it to viability are relatively safe. Among the 35 states that regularly reported to the Centers for Disease Control…

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Piece-by-piece abortion

by Lynn Vincent

Cover Story | The GOP-led Congress is poised to restrict partial-birth abortion. But another horrifying abortion procedure accounts for the deaths of thousands of other…

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No qualifiers needed

Cover Story | Turning down the ironic insult of racial preference

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Tomcat top guns

Cover Story | A young Navy pilot joins with other "incredibly gifted young" flyers to fight the war against terrorism

Cover Stories

America's Best & Worst

by The Editors

Cover Story | The United States is now, as it has been for two centuries, both a city on a hill and a swamp at the base of the hill. This section includes articles on the…

In this issue: "America's best & worst," Feb. 1, 2003


Flashtraffic: Bush's closed door economic meeting

By Joel C. Rosenberg

New details are leaking out about President Bush's closed-door White House meeting with 15 conservative economists


It's difficult, but there's some greater meaning behind this. Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Joe Jurevicius, who last week prepared to play in the Super…

Quick Takes

Reading, writing, & ranting Thousands of Oakland public-school students skipped classes to attend a "teach-in" last month. Pupils heard speaker after…

Top News

By The Editors

The top five stories of the week

Climbing the Hill

By Jennifer Marshall

Pro-life legislators inch ahead on Capitol Hill committees

Marching orders

By Tim Graham

The press reveals its convictions in coverage of war and abortion rallies

Flashtraffic: Gephardt leads other Democratic candidates

By Joel C. Rosenberg

A new Zogby poll puts Rep. Dick Gephardt in the lead among Democratic presidential contenders with 19 percent.


Lost in the translation

By Joel Belz

A literature scholar says words, more than meanings, are important


Joel Belz asked "How'd we do?" so here's my input. Before Mr. Belz claimed your colossal dereliction gained you credibility, I attributed your failure to…

Carver's affirmations

By Marvin Olasky

The great scientist saw himself as God's instrument

Come clean

By Andrée Seu

Repentance and living the simple life


Rocking-chair rockers

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Aging stars are dominating today's pop culture, and the reasons go beyond mere boomer nostalgia

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