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A look in the mirror

by Gene Edward Veith

Cover Story | BOOKS SPECIAL REPORT | Books-how they're written and who writes them, the ideas they fight over, and the unpleasant implications they ignore-tell a lot about…

Cover Stories

I'm a hearse watcher

by Les Sillars

Cover Story | Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control recently released their 1999 mortality statistics. In Travis County, Texas (pop. 737,000), where I live, 3,873…

In this issue: "Summer Books 2002," July 7, 2002


Free at last

By Bob Jones

Vouchers | "Father of vouchers" Milton Friedman tells WORLD the high court has freed legislatures to make school-choice decisions-by ending the "endless litigation"


National | Pledging a battle for the Pledge The federal court ruling that killed the Pledge of Allegiance in western U.S. classrooms spawned a stack of pledges from…


National | Vaccine vindicated? There's no link between the popular vaccine MMR and autism or bowel disease, according to British experts. They looked at five decades of…


National | Unhappy campers The "temporary" UN agency set up 50 years ago to administer Palestinian refugee camps is asking UN members to donate funds to rebuild camps…


National | Earl change Middle East met Deep South on June 25 as Alabama primary voters defeated a five-term lawmaker who was a vocal critic of Israel. Rep. Earl…


National | Ask but don't tell United Methodists in the Pacific Northwest have come up with a novel way to flout their denomination's law that bars "self-avowed…


National | Palm publishing Wireless networks may become a new publishing tool. Newspapers could soon begin reaching cell phones and personal digital assistants, which…

Unpassable test?

By Cal Thomas

Middle East | Former Israeli prime minister praises Bush's Palestinian proposal

TNIV grab for support fails

Bibles | A funny thing happened on the way from the Forum: IBS, Zondervan rapped for claiming "consensus," causing "confusion"

Worldcom's disconnect

By Timothy Lamer

Business | $3.8 billion swept under the rug? Audit at telecom giant shows faulty accounting; government readies major fraud probe, and "no one is getting a pass"

Top News

By Tim Graham

This Week | The Top 5 news stories as measured by coverage in The Washington Post, USA Today, and NBC Nightly News over a one-week period from June 19 to 25

You are what you read

By Gene Edward Veith

Books Special Report | Sales of Christian books are so strong, secular sellers are looking to grab a slice of the lucrative market. But is the quality as great as the quantity? An…

History with a human face

By Gene Edward Veith

Books Special Report | The rise of historical fiction and narrative history-which often takes God into account through richly detailed stories of the era-marks a positive cultural…

The abolition of man

By Sam Torode

Books Special Report | "Pronoun envy" or just another weapon to fight the battle against the "subjugation of women"? The debate among publishers over inclusive language

Jacques Barzun on man

On an earlier page I said that in this book I would adhere to the long use of man as a word that means human being- people-men and women alike, whenever there is…

Authors by the dozen

By Chris Stamper

Books Special Report | From intelligent design to pop culture, from Christian apologetics to politics, 12 contemporary authors do what they do best: pontificate, Q & A style

Whistling past the graveyard

By Marvin Olasky

Books Special Report | With boomers graying and starting to ponder the end of their lives, here's an opportunity for publishers to get ahead of the curve and produce meaningful,


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News highlights from around the world


This is a sad, sad family.... The children are sad and the parents are sad and it's not entertainment. Actor Bill Cosby, former star of the family-friendly…

Quick Takes

Oddball Occurances


Flash Traffic

By Joel C. Rosenberg

Flash Traffic | Political Buzz from Washington


Loose framing

By Marvin Olasky

Books for walking on treadmills or beaches

Nothing to lose

By John Piper

With no eternal risk, Christians are called to continual temporal risk


Right in line Like Marvin Olasky, I too became a Christian while pursuing a higher education ("Marriage month," June 8). I am married to a wonderful Christian…

The spirit of Ann Landers

By Joel Belz

Her good advice made her credible; her bad advice made her destructive


Minority Report card

By Andrew Coffin

Movies | Steven Spielberg's science-fiction thriller is one of the famed director's best, if also one of his edgiest, movies

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Notable Books | Students, writers, and crossword-puzzle aficionados often need obscure information. Of the many almanacs, here are five of the most popular.

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