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The right response for Congress

by Cal Thomas

Cover Story Sidebar | Do the right thing or do nothing

Cover Stories

Reaping the whirlwind

by Timothy Lamer

Cover Story | The wave of corporate fraud did not emerge in a vacuum. It's in part a consequence of a society that refuses to recognize absolute standards of right and…

In this issue: "Reaping the whirlwind," July 20, 2002


Akin for a battle

By Tim Graham

Pledge | Limit courts' jurisdiction, U.S. congressman urges

Choosing sides

By Mindy Belz

Israel | Mounting casualties in the Middle East prompt American evangelical leaders to weigh in on Israel's behalf


National | Man knows not his time Gene Kan pioneered a file-sharing system considered a step beyond Napster. So why did such a talented guy kill himself? Authorities…


National | Bronx cheer New York City schools cannot bar religious groups from renting space to hold worship services, a federal judge ruled last month. Judge Loretta A.

In Brief

National | Monitoring the Monitor The great ironclad USS Monitor sank into the Atlantic 140 years ago-and the Navy still wants to recover it. The ship sank about nine…

Top News

By Tim Graham

This Week | The Top 5 news stories as measured by coverage in The Washington Post, USA Today, and NBC Nightly News over a one-week period from July 3 to 9

His brother's keeper

By Anne Morse

Medal of Freedom | New York Times journalist among winners of highest civilian honor; efforts against religious persecution cited

Why not Alexis?

Editorial Judgment | WORLD fell into the same pattern it criticized in other media outlets



Have you ever had anything you really love? Well, I love that truck. Charlotte Ann Neely-White, 55, of Mount Vernon, Mo., after a scuffle on her wedding day…

Quick Takes

Wrong words Imagine Reba Cobb's embarrassment. She is the second-ranking administrator of the Atlanta-based Cooperative Baptist Fellowship-a group opposed to…


Flash Traffic

By Joel C. Rosenberg

Flash Traffic | Political Buzz from Washington


No denying the undeniable

By Joel Belz

On vouchers, the Supreme Court also took a step toward common sense

Citizenship gone AWOL

By Marvin Olasky

We haven't forgotten the words, but we've forgotten how to sing

The dirt on dirt

By Andrée Seu

It's common, abundant-and a glorious gift from God


Honoring traitors Thank you to Joel Belz for straightening out our metaphors ("Shooting the 'wounded,'" June 15). I too have tired of hearing the accusation…


Best Albums

By Various Performers, David Bowie, Eminem, Norah Jones & Josh Groban

Notable CDs | The Top 5 Internet CDs for the week ending July 6, according to Billboard

Saps for savages

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Multiculturalism leaves many Americans unable to face the fact that some cultures really are uncivilized

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