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Judicial restraints

by J. Budziszewski

Cover Story Sidebar | Certain institutions are so crucial to a decent society-and yet so easy to ruin-that law steps in to shield and honor them. Preeminent among these is…

Cover Stories

Prenuptial disagreement

by Tim Graham

Cover Story | A broad coalition in Washington is seeking to amend the Constitution before judges and activists force states to amend the meaning of marriage. Meanwhile,

In this issue: "The Marriage Amendment," June 8, 2002


No disPutin

Foreign Policy | All's well between Bush and Russia's Putin, leaving the primary U.S. missile-defense opposition to Democrats

Heir to the air

By Tim Graham

Media | Brian Williams to ascend NBC throne after Tom Brokaw abdicates in 2004


National | Antitrust software Microsoft's federal antitrust settlement filters down to its software this summer. An update to Windows XP lets users replace Microsoft…

Welcome to Abortion 101

National | New York City's plan to expand abortion training takes effect next month, and it comes at a crucial time for the abortion industry, which is running out of…

'Quit wasting everyone's time'

By Bob Jones

Heartland Case | In 18 minutes, Missouri jury dismisses child-abuse charges against teacher at school for troubled youth

Top News

This Week | The Top 5 news stories as measured by coverage in The Washington Post, USA Today, and NBC Nightly News over a one-week period from May 21 to 28


In Brief

News highlights from around the world


It was tough to come here every day and now it's tough to leave. New York City firefighter John Keating, as the cleanup of the World Trade Center site came to…


Running on empty Hawaii's collective gas gauge is slipping toward "E." State lawmakers capped profit margins for gasoline dealers at 16 cents per gallon on…


Flash Traffic

By Joel C. Rosenberg

Flash Traffic | Political Buzz from Washington


On video

Video | The Others (rated PG-13 for thematic elements and frightening moments) was a sleeper hit last year. It's a ghost story in the classic sense-no violence or…

The rest of the story

By Lynn Vincent

Culture | Calvin McCarter didn't join the National Geographic Bee merely for love of academics; it was for love of God

Summer's sizzling start

By Andrew Coffin

Movies | This past Memorial Day capped the biggest movie weekend of all time, with the box-office take totaling more than $200 million. As it happens, these early days…


Fine-tuning the nuances

By Joel Belz

The difference between the church gathered and the church dispersed

Marriage month

By Marvin Olasky

Thanking God for a great gift now rudely received

The silent rapture

By Andrée Seu

The ungodly are being snatched away to judgment, one soul at a time


Pray for peace From John Piper's column, I understood for the first time in my life how to look at the Israeli-Palestinian dispute in a godly manner ("Land…

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