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Cover Story

Thinking outside the 5-sided box

by Lynn Vincent

Cover Story | Reformers are trying to transform a Defense Department that wastes billions and may not be prepared for future security threats. But management inertia,

In this issue: "Mounting a defense," May 25, 2002


A whole new world

White House | Bush to stress Cuba, arms-control with Russia

Is it safe?

Abortion | RU-486 is dangerous for unborn children, but what about their mothers? GOP congressman will ask HHS to look into the risks

Worldwide web

By Andrew Coffin

Hollywood | Spider-Man is a smash summer hit, and it's actually a pretty good movie

Damage control

By Tim Graham

National | House members are lining up with anti-child porn bills

Top News

This Week | The Top 5 news stories as measured by coverage in The Washington Post, USA Today, and NBC Nightly News from May 7 to 14

Castro's chemicals

By Mindy Belz

Carter Trip | Forget the charm offensive, the evidence is plentiful that Cuba has been heavily involved in making bioweapons

Fire with fire

Senate | Tired of delaying tactics over presidential nominees, Republicans decide they'll stand in the way of a Democratic cause: campaign-finance enforcement


In Brief

News highlights from around the world


They're making the same dire predictions for this bill that they made in '95 and '96. House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-Texas), on liberal concerns about…


Cloning cruelty All cloned animals have genetic and physical defects, reports the London Times ' Jonathan Leake. Arthritis, excessive growth, extreme…


Flash Traffic

By Joel C. Rosenberg

Flash Traffic | Political Buzz from Washington


Claim it-or concede it

By Joel Belz

Otherwise, the process leads to some awkward moments

Summer's coming

By Marvin Olasky

Celebrating Memorial Day in remembrance of Christ

In between

By Janie B. Cheaney

We easily forget that we're always on a journey


Covered I love WORLD, but I found your cover illustration of "Osama bin Ashcroft" to be extremely offensive. To put a great Christian man like John Ashcroft…


The hug drug

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Ecstasy is the drug of choice for young people, but after the high wears off, life is anything but ecstatic

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