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An ethical wake-up call

by R. Albert Mohler Jr.

Cover Story | The clonal age is here. We cannot say that we were not warned. Nobel laureate James D. Watson (co-discoverer with Francis Crick of the DNA molecule) predicted…

Cover Stories

Monstrous, Inc.

by Tim Graham

Cover Story | Advanced Cell Technologies finally did it: created a human clone. The leading Republican senator battling human cloning hopes he can translate his "horror"

In this issue: "Humanity Under the Microscope," Dec. 8, 2001


The death dive

By Lynn Vincent

National | Oregon's supply of deadly drugs about to drop, bank CD rates go south, and e-books fall on tough times

Still ringing true

By Gene Edward Veith

National | Reading The Lord of the Rings -this time as an adult-remains an overwhelming experience



Someone has got to do the things no one else wants to do. Johnny "Mike" Spann, the first American known to die in combat in Afghanistan, as quoted by his…


By The Editors

NO PAIN, NO GAIN: The clock's ticking toward the 2002 election and columnist Bob Novak says one issue has the GOP biting its fingernails: Social Security.

Flash Traffic

By Joel C. Rosenberg

Political buzz from Washington

The Buzz

By The Editors

Ashcroft, Chertoff defend detentions and military tribunals Least-kept secret The success of the war against terror has been matched by new battles in…


Big small-town vision

By Joel Belz

Again this year, WJI deserves your gift support

Mystery of music

By Andrée Seu

What it's "good" for, after all


Believe it The Nov. 10 cover story, "Enemy within," by Lynn Vincent, was right on target. While traveling recently through Wisconsin, we stopped at a truck…

Depressing press

By Marvin Olasky

After a moment of September clarity, the fog returns


Christmas books for kids

By The Editors

Culture | 1 The Teachers' Night Before Christmas Steven L. Layne; illus. by James Rice CONTENT A valentine to hardworking, holiday-stressed teachers loosely based on…

Battles on the big screen

By Andrew Coffin

Culture | War movies are hitting the theaters, but the best are at the video stores

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