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Cover Story

A Cold War for the 21st century

by Marvin Olasky

Cover Story | Meeting the challenge of Islam and terrorism will be a twilight struggle on the order of the battle in the 20th century to contain and ultimately defeat…

In this issue: "Islam and teroris," Oct. 27, 2001


Appetite for evil

By Tim Graham

Islam | The history of terrorism against Americans and U.S. allies looks a little like its effects: a smoking pile of rubble. By contrast, the history of nations and…

Important dates in the development of Islam

By Marvin Olasky

Islam | c. 1900 B.C. Abraham is willing to sacrifice Isaac; Muslims say Ishmael was the almost-sacrifice. c. 30 Christ, crucified, dies, and is resurrected; Muslims…

Thirty Muslim leaders worth knowing about

By Susan Olasky

Islam | Eight Afghans who may play major roles in overthrowing the Taliban Burhanuddin Rabbani of the Jamiat-i-Islami faction is a professor of Islamic law who became…

Our role in the war on terror

By Marvin Olasky

Islam | How, then, should we live in this dangerous new world? Christians have a specific calling to fight spiritual wars through spiritual means. Only a few people…

Islam for terrorists

By Marvin Olasky

Islam | Now that we have looked at five positives of Islam, five key differences between it and Christianity, and five societal implications, let's dig a little…

Brutality and dictatorship: How Islam affects society

By Marvin Olasky

Islam | These basic differences in theology have implications not only for individuals but for society as a whole. Let's look at five in particular. Christianity by…

Islamic worldview and how it differs from Christianity

By Marvin Olasky

Islam | Those are five positives, but it does not take long before we start seeing ways in which Christians and Muslims do not worship the same God. And in examining…

What's right with Islam

By Marvin Olasky

Islam | My goal here is not to do a detailed theological critique of Islam, but-in five sets of five propositions each-to look quickly at the cultural and political…

Books on terrorism

By Susan Olasky

Islam | 1 Germs Judith Miller CONTENT A history of the development and use of bio-weapons by governments and cults, and a forecast of future use by terrorists and…


Tolerance vs. pluralism

By Joel Belz

It's the difference between civility and mushy-headedness

Coalition, sure

By Marvin Olasky

But let's not pretend that God and Allah are the same

Hate and tolerance

By John Piper

Obstacles to the eternal life of Muslims


Be heralds Sadly, we, the American church, have encouraged this erosion of the general awareness of God, to which Joel Belz refers, by our silence, our…

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