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Kaleidoscope of opportunity

Cover Story | Beyond race, toward a new America: This nation has come to terms with its past, and become a truly multiracial, multiethnic melting pot, brimming with…

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Mend it or end it?

Cover Story | The Truth, Logic, and Courage Medal: A lonely soldier who fought a losing battle in America's Civil War II, a war of ideas, now hopes it's not too late to…

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Confidence in the unseen

Cover Story | Looking to God, not government: The state could and did root out systemic racism, but conquering our nation's racism of the heart required a solution far…

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Garden-variety racial barriers

Cover Story | Racial hatred remains: Racism is not about ignorance; it is about sin, the same one that started in the Garden with the first parents of our (human) race. So…

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Rising from the ashes of racism

Cover Story | It began with "I'm sorry": Born in slavery-and, sadly, partially supportive of it- the Southern Baptist Convention comes to terms with its past with a sincere…

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America listened

Cover Story | Rising to the challenge: How economic change and cultural renewal-amid personal pain and travail-brought a race-riven nation together

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Race in America: A historical timeline

by The Editors

Cover Story | 1616 A Dutch privateer sails into Chesapeake Bay, seeking supplies. Its English pilot, Marmaduke Raynor, helps broker the deal with Jamestown officials: 20…

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We cannot walk alone

by Marvin Olasky

Cover Story | So much of our national conversation about race is the droning kind that puts most people to sleep. "Platitudes, three for five bucks," a speechwriter calls…

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A new division, a new dream

Cover Story | Racism as we knew it is gone: But government preferences over the years created a new kind of antagonism-based not upon race but instead upon class. We need a…

In this issue: "A new division, a new dream," Aug. 25, 2001


Sidewalk survey

By Joel Belz

If this was so easy to do, why hadn't I done it before?

My house divided?

By Marvin Olasky

That's where government preferences lead, but the biblical way is better


So low When I read your article on stem-cell research, I got really upset. It's hard to believe that our country could stoop so low. - Jonathan Snyder,

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