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Cover Story

Heresy trials

by Candi Cushman

Cover Story | Is a vocal Christian inherently unqualified to teach biology? Some public-school officials in Minnesota think so

In this issue: "Heresy trials," Aug. 18, 2001


Ringing up a revolution?

By Chris Stamper

National | Chains install self-service checkouts, car phone ban ignites hands-free sales, and the IBM PC turns 20

Seeing red

By Lynn Vincent

National | Consumers slow down their borrowing, income falls at some of the biggest companies, and scammers target legitimate investments

Hard habits to break

By Chris Stamper

National | A morbid drug hits the streets, heart patients fail to exercise, and doctors test a new "video pill"

Victories, if not advances

By Tim Graham

National | President Bush came to office with a press-shaped reputation as a bumbler, but his first six months have put his predecessor's early record to shame

Let them preach cake

International | A cult of French legislators adopts Europe's most restrictive anti-religion law



By trying to propagate Christianity they were showing disrespect. Salim Haqqani, deputy minister for the prevention of vice and promotion of virtue for…


By The Editors

REAL PATIENTS' RIGHTS: With health care reform all the rage, James D. Miller makes a case for a novel idea in The Weekly Standard: Let patients pay lower…

Flash Traffic

By Joel C. Rosenberg

Political buzz from Washington


By The Editors

After noticing that nursing home residents respond best to stimuli that activate the five senses, 16-year-old Louisiana student Andrew Dunckelman founded…

The Buzz

By The Editors

Bush: Fund research on stem-cell lines from embryos, but only from those already destroyed Stem-cell line in the sand In a televised speech to the nation,



Don't do this The current discussion over using stem cells for research shows how treacherous slippery-slope consequences can be ("Pro-life cell-out?" July…

Let boys be boys

By Marvin Olasky

The war against competition is hurting young males

On writing

By Andrée Seu

Know the rules, and how to break them the right way

If there is mystery

By Joel Belz

Maybe this is a time to listen to the Gipper


Texas Books

By The Editors

Culture | Five top books about the Lone Star State

Wages for sin

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Marriage benefits are starting to go to those who are shacking up

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