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Cover Story

When push comes to shovel

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | State social-service bureaucrats accuse a small, rural religious school of child abuse, citing its disciplinary emphasis on manual labor and corporal…

In this issue: "Don't have a cow," Aug. 11, 2001


Inventive incentive

By Lynn Vincent

National | Business tax-credit law promotes school choice; economic woes drive up down- sizing, drive down lottery revenues; college grads find higher salaries, but…

Computer games

By Chris Stamper

National | Lawyer challenges FBI computer bugging, executive predicts brighter days for the computer industry, and the vaunted V-chip makes little headway with parents

Ruffing feathers

By Leah Driggers

National | If it walks like a conservative and quacks like a conservative, it must be Bruce Tinsley's Mallard Fillmore

Nowhere to run

By Mindy Belz

International | The United Nations' camp system is awash in corruption and budget crisis, but only the refugees notice it and they have nothing to lose anywa

Lost young men

By Mindy Belz

International | If Kakuma refugee camp is celebrated for anything, it is for its famous camps of "Lost Boys." Named after the Peter Pan troupe, the orphaned boys who arrived…

'We're getting eaten up'

By Cal Thomas

National | An interview with Defense Secretary Rumsfeld

Vow of silence?

By Candi Cushman

National | Critics say churches have been too slow to take advantage of state covenant-marriage laws

'Protection' racket

By Candi Cushman

National | Three weeks ago, David Hager treated a 17-year-old girl suffering from sores caused by an incurable sexually transmitted disease (STD). "She was shattered…

Splitting the baby

By Tim Graham

National | Reporters crusade for a stem-cell compromise

Sex-ed sells

By Candi Cushman

National | The press trumpets a "safe sex" education study, despite a researcher's apparent conflict of interest and data that suggest less than meets the eye

Praise for a day of health

National | "What would You have me do during this time?" Selected final reflections of a husband and father on the last days of his two-year battle with cancer


The Buzz

By The Editors

Israel launches West Bank missile attack, mulls more strikes on Palestinians Rumors of wars "The chances are high for a major military explosion in the Middle…

Flash Traffic

By The Editors

Political Buzz from Washington


By The Editors

STOP THE PRESSES: Bill Clinton's arrival in Harlem garnered an amazing amount of media coverage, considering it wasn't much of a story. It even took Gary…


By The Editors

Arlington, Mass., home-schooler Reid Barton last month became the first person ever to win gold medals four years running at the International Mathematical…


She has baggage that no one else has. Brad Coker, managing director of Mason-Dixon Polling & Research, on the potential candidacy of former Attorney…


No joking

By Joel Belz

Here are some young people who are all business

Resistance tactics

By Marvin Olasky

Praising good information, respecting Obadiah journalists


Astonishing As a 23-year resident of New Jersey, I find Bret Schundler's victory in the gubernatorial primary astonishing ("Ready, set, Bret!," July 7/14). I…


New and improved

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Immigrants to America may strengthen their new country's ideal


By The Editors

Culture | The five best-selling children's novels as measured by placement on three leading lists. The lists combine hardback and paperback books.

Video Rentals

By The Editors

Culture | The top 5 videos in popularity as measured by rental receipts for the week ended July 22.

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