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History 101

by The Editors

Cover Story | 1635 At his death, John Cotton of Boston leaves half of his property to establish a school for poor children and orphans. The Latin Grammar School (later the…

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Time to raise the bar: by Frank Brogan

Cover Story | A public educator and public officeholder outlines a vision for raising the standards, expanding choices, and prying the system from the "clutches ... of the…

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Putting the pieces together: by Dan VanderArk

Cover Story | Turning well-intentioned government slogans

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Federal role: Staying out of the way by Beverly LaHaye

Cover Story | Memo to Washington: Fund your mandates, promote local control, and give parents educational choice. In other words, "No Child Left Behind" may require the…

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You're not in it alone: by Molly Powell

Cover Story | Whether you outsource the teaching or not-if you have children, you're a homeschooler. And you have lots of resources to draw upon for curriculum and advice,

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Aim high(er): by Mike Farris

Cover Story | Homeschooling is good, but homeschoolers must not let arrogance blind them to the need to get better. One of the movement's leading voices outlines six needed…

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That's a classic: by Doug Wilson

Cover Story | Four reforms and a radical curriculum. It takes energy and commitment to move these ideas out of the realm of the mind and into practice-but the satisfaction,

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How to bridge the educational divide: by Herb Lusk

Cover Story | It all begins with motivated, inspired students. Schools in urban America can look to their own past for examples of how to do it right ...

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Dif'rent strokes: by Susan Olasky

by Susan Olasky

Cover Story | If all you know about Paul Revere comes from Longfellow's poem, you don't know much. Revere was a Calvinist: His father was a Huguenot immigrant from France.

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A few lessons the public schools need to learn: by Bill Bennett

Cover Story | Public schools need fundamental change. But the ideal is not out of reach, if they are willing to put children ahead of bureaucracies and invite-indeed,

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Can't buy success

by Marvin Olasky

Cover Story | Most recent numbers contradict the public education "money in, progress out" mantra. But if money doesn't necessarily make a difference in the education of…

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To make progress, dump 'progressivism': by Michael Coulter

Cover Story | From the selection of curriculum to character formation, from teacher certification to embracing educational competition, public school boards have the power…

In this issue: "Ideal schools," April 28, 2001


A very bad deal

By Joel Belz

We're bad where we should be good-and vice versa


Losing to old age I've just read Bob Jones's excellent article, "Homebodies." We've been caring for our four parents for the last 20 years and only one is…


By Joel Belz

Eight worthy books for students and teachers

The Word stands forever

By Andrée Seu

But it's getting lost in the minds of the biblically illiterate

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