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Cover Stories

From Cuba to the Cabinet

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | Mel who? That was the initial reaction of many on Capitol Hill when George W. Bush announced his choice of secretary at the Department of Housing and Urban…

Cover Stories

Putting HUD's house in order

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | Can the new landlord in Washington make one of the most troubled federal agencies work? TeamBush promises a "no-frills" approach that, as HUD secretary Mel…

In this issue: "Mel Martinez: HUD's man," March 3, 2001


Unplugging Napster

By Chris Stamper

National | Free music-swapping service offers the record industry a billion reasons to settle; phone companies are running out of reasons to keep pay phones; and…

Dollars, por favor

By Mindy Belz

International | When El Salvador decided Jan. 1 to phase out its currency, the colon, in favor of the dollar, it became the third country in Latin America to switch to U.S.

Is it only money?

By Mindy Belz

International | As Europe moves toward a common currency, Brits, Danes, and others worry about handing power to eurocrats

'It's a new day'

By Cal Thomas

National | An interview with Vice President Dick Cheney

The spotlight fight

By Tim Graham

National | Washington is asking: Will President Bush benefit or suffer from the media's ongoing focus on Bill Clinton?


The Buzz

Elephant in the room The young woman had been the murder victim in an angry shooting at a housing project less than two miles from WORLDÕs offices. The local…


Their biggest obstacle is proving to be not George W. Bush but his predecessor. Liberal Wall Street Journal columnist Al Hunt, urging Bill Clinton, for the…


By The Editors

Medical relapse: Hillary Clinton's doing her health care thing again. Columnist Paul Craig Roberts noted that the freshman senator from New York gave her…

The Buzz

The Buzz FAITH-BASED CHIEF QUOTED AS RULING OUT FUNDS FOR CHRISTIAN ANTI-ADDICTION PROGRAM Redlining evangelicals? President Bush has consistently said that…



By Marvin Olasky

As Bush proselytizes for faith-based charities, some thoughts to consider

What's in a name?

By Andrée Seu

Clinton did to himself what his detractors could never do


They were right Regarding the presidential pardon of Patty Hearst, when she went on trial for her part in the bank robbery many pundits, supposing that her…


Crass wasteland

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Study shows that the majority of TV programs now deal with sex

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