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A struggle for the soul

Cover Story | "Abortion: Legal-Political Battle Begun by Roe vs. Wade, First Phase," excerpted from the Encyclopedia Christiana, 2073

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The enemy of abortion

Cover Story | "U.S. Adoption Timeline, 1972-2004," excerpted from Timelines of History (St. Louis, London, Jerusalem: World Publishing, 2073)

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Germany, auf wiedersehen

Cover Story | GOODBYE TO THE CULTURE OF BEETHOVEN AND BACH: A once-proud culture, drunk on 100 years of American-style "freedom," has become enslaved

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Death dealers: the marketing of euthanasia

Cover Story | A PROTESTER'S PLEA: Jailed for demonstrating in front of a euthanasia clinic, a man in 2073 bears witness against the culture of death

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Weeping about our families

Cover Story | Jan. 1, 2073 This yellowed piece of paper has been in my family for nearly 100 years. It is a letter that my great-grandfather, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, wrote in

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How we lost the culture war

Cover Story | A HOT BOOK PROPOSAL 100 YEARS AFTER ROE VS. WADE: The church reinvented, the abortion debate rendered moot, and the march of human progress

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Phillip Johnson was right

by Nancy R. Pearcey

Cover Story | THE UNHAPPY EVOLUTION OF DARWINISM: Human DNA experimentation has led geneticists full circle-oddly enough, to the conclusions of turn-of-the-century…

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Matters of life and death

by The Editors

Cover Story | 1647 Lawmakers in Rhode Island declare that "self murder is by all agreed to be the most unnatural, and it is by this present assembly declared, to be that,

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After 100 years: Back from the brink of collapse

Cover Story | Abuse, neglect, abandonment, infanticide: A psychologist assesses the cultural damage

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As time goes by

by Marvin Olasky

Cover Story | LOGICAL CONCLUSIONS: Nine writers consider the implications of 100 years of Roe vs. Wade

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'We hereby overrule Roe'

Cover Story | VINDICATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS: Supreme Court of the United States; United States vs. Planned Parenthood; decided Jan. 22, 2073

In this issue: "Life Issues," Feb. 24, 2001


Dear Abigail

By Joel Belz

Here's a hard task for your generation


Always merciful Thanks to Marvin Olasky for reminding me that God is merciful all the time, even when we do not take the time to thank Him for it. - Cortney…

The evil of the age

By Marvin Olasky

For improvement by 2073, we need the courage of 1871

A life, spared

Gratitude from a son for a birth mother's choice

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