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Cover Stories

These walls have ears

by Mindy Belz

Cover Story | In southwest China's highlands, city fathers make concerted attempts to cater to foreign travelers. Outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers from Europe and…

Cover Stories

Caesar's seminary

by Mindy Belz

Cover Story | Sweeping conservatives from China's best-known seminary may leave only foxes guarding the henhouse, but it may also strengthen China's underground churches

In this issue: "China: Caesar’s seminary," Jan. 27, 2001


Tastes great, less killing

By Chris Stamper

National | Liggett develops nicotine-free cigarettes, study questions pill habits, and other health news

Driven to distraction

By Chris Stamper

National | Ford tests cell phone safety, AOL and Time Warner make their marriage official, and other technology news

A green Bushie

By Timothy Lamer

National | Interior Secretary-designate Gale Norton represents a new breed of environmentalism

The left's religious test for office-holders

By Cal Thomas

National | During the last presidential campaign, there was much "God-talk" from Vice President Al Gore and his running mate, Joe Lieberman. Some commentators decided…

'I will keep my oath'

By The Editors

National | Ashcroft defends his record from attacks by Senate liberals, as grassroots conservatives rush to protect one of their own



He told her that she had no right to go against nature. So I have to admit that in a way, I owe my life to that priest. Pop singer Celine Dion, in the London…

No-Comment Zone

By The Editors

Laurent Kabila, the former rebel who took Zaire by force, fell to an assassin's bullet near the capital of the country he renamed Democratic Republic of…

Ups & Downs of the week

By The Editors

PRO-LIFE OPTIMISM: Last time pro-lifers marked the annual March for Life in the shadow of the inauguration of a new president, the year was 1993. Bill Clinton…

The Buzz

By The Editors

EL SALVADOR DEVASTATED AGAIN: KILLER QUAKE CLAIMS HUNDREDS OF LIVES; RELIEF POURS IN Rubble and mud A 7.6 magnitude earthquake let loose a mud-slide and…


Flaws in us all

By Joel Belz

But we should deal with them sooner rather than later

Playing or watching?

By Andrée Seu

In sports, as in life: You can't do both


On target, off base Regarding "Glad tidings" (Dec. 23), once again Bob Jones provided valuable insights not published in the mainstream press. The article was…

The banality of good

By Marvin Olasky

Why we don't recognize mercy, even when it's before us


Children's Books

By The Editors

Culture | The Caldecott Medal winner, awarded for the best American picture book for children

Very dark material

By Janie B. Cheaney

Culture | An acclaimed children's series directly attacks Christianity

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