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Cover Story

Remembering 2000

by Marvin Olasky

Cover Story | A year's worth of human triumph and defeat, achievement and embarrassment, misery and grace

In this issue: "Year in Review 2000," Dec. 30, 2000


Man knows not his time

By The Editors

National | A prewinter storm that dumped about a foot of snow and ice this month on the Midwest forced some urban Chicagoans to ponder their mortality. "It's only by the…

International News in 2000

By The Editors

International | Elián: Candle in the wind Florida became a testing ground for states' rights long before Election Day. The saga of Elián Gonzalez gave residents a prequel…

Sports 2000

By The Editors

National | Woods: Tiger's tale Golf guru Tiger Woods cruised to a landmark season, winning nine U.S. PGA tour events, the most of any player in the last half-century. He…

Who are we? And why are we here?

By The Editors

National | From the leftward turf of mainstream Protestantism to the evangelical heartland, disputes over biblical authority and interpretation colored much of the…

Inflation battle: Soft landing or hard reality?

By The Editors

National | The year 2000 marked the 10th straight year of economic upswing, but it became a year of the Great Confrontation: Alan Greenspan vs. inflation. The issue: Are…

2000: Dot-bomb

By David Aikman

National | First came the crash of e-commerce speculation, complete with layoffs, stock crashes, and capital losses. The mascot of this decline was Sock Puppet, the…

Politics 2000

By The Editors

National | New Hampshire: Raising McCain The political year that would end with an earthquake began with a pretty good jolt. George W. Bush played on a snowmobile and…


The objectivity sham

By Joel Belz

It's easier to pretend than it is to carry it out

Living logically

By Andrée Seu

A New Year's Resolution

Year's end

By Marvin Olasky

Ugly realism and quotations worth remembering


The culture in 2000

By The Editors

Culture | Devastation and community The deadliest tornadoes to hit Georgia in half a century ripped through the state in February, claiming 19 lives. The storm system…

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