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Cover Story

Remembering 2000

by Marvin Olasky

Cover Story | A year's worth of human triumph and defeat, achievement and embarrassment, misery and grace

In this issue: "Year in Review 2000," Dec. 30, 2000


Man knows not his time

By The Editors

National | A prewinter storm that dumped about a foot of snow and ice this month on the Midwest forced some urban Chicagoans to ponder their mortality. "It's only by the…

International News in 2000

By The Editors

International | Elián: Candle in the wind Florida became a testing ground for states' rights long before Election Day. The saga of Elián Gonzalez gave residents a prequel…

Sports 2000

By The Editors

National | Woods: Tiger's tale Golf guru Tiger Woods cruised to a landmark season, winning nine U.S. PGA tour events, the most of any player in the last half-century. He…

Who are we? And why are we here?

By The Editors

National | From the leftward turf of mainstream Protestantism to the evangelical heartland, disputes over biblical authority and interpretation colored much of the…

Inflation battle: Soft landing or hard reality?

By The Editors

National | The year 2000 marked the 10th straight year of economic upswing, but it became a year of the Great Confrontation: Alan Greenspan vs. inflation. The issue: Are…

2000: Dot-bomb

By David Aikman

National | First came the crash of e-commerce speculation, complete with layoffs, stock crashes, and capital losses. The mascot of this decline was Sock Puppet, the…

Politics 2000

By The Editors

National | New Hampshire: Raising McCain The political year that would end with an earthquake began with a pretty good jolt. George W. Bush played on a snowmobile and…


The culture in 2000

By The Editors

Culture | Devastation and community The deadliest tornadoes to hit Georgia in half a century ripped through the state in February, claiming 19 lives. The storm system…


The objectivity sham

By Joel Belz

It's easier to pretend than it is to carry it out

Living logically

By Andrée Seu

A New Year's Resolution

Year's end

By Marvin Olasky

Ugly realism and quotations worth remembering

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