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A sad Democrat votes

Cover Story | Why I cast my first vote for a GOP president

Cover Stories

An uneasy majority

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | By the way: Elections for Congress and governor, along with votes on key referenda, are also worth noticing

Cover Stories

14 hours of ups and downs

by Leah Driggers

Cover Story | For Gore supporters on election night, fear turned to hope, to excitement, to disappointment and dismay, then to hope all over again-and now to the legal…

Cover Stories

Sudden-death overtime

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | A divided nation leaves Bush and Gore deadlocked, as the promise of lawsuits and recounts threatens to keep the presidency undecided for weeks-or more

Cover Stories

History and hysteria

by Marvin Olasky

Cover Story | What a week! The stories that follow from World writers in Austin, Nashville, Florida, and other dramatic venues show the color and suspense of events on…

In this issue: "President Bush?," Nov. 18, 2000


Who let the dogs out?

By Chris Stamper

National | Sony unleashes a computer pup; computer titans keep their eyes on Linux; what's in Napster's future?



This is not the federal republic of America. It is the United States of America. Our sense of union, and everyone's inclusion, has now been based on this…


By The Editors

When the Fort Worth, Texas, City Council added "sexual orientation" to its nondiscrimination ordinance this fall, the media praised a councilman who, in a…

The Buzz

By The Editors

Around the world: Violence in Israel, concern in Russia While we were voting While WORLD writers focused on the U.S. election, we watched these overseas…


The Movies

By The Editors

Culture | The top 5 movies in popularity as measured by box office receipts from the weekend of Nov. 5

The Music

By The Editors

Culture | The Top 5 Contemporary Christian CDs for the week ending Oct. 15, according to SoundScan

The Galileo treatment

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Baylor jumps to the wrong side of a scientific revolution


Sweeps month

By Joel Belz

How about sweeping TV out of your life for 30 days?

America the beautiful

By Marvin Olasky

How will God shed His grace on thee?

Divine visitation

By Andrée Seu

Hinduism comes to Chester Springs, Pa.


A picture's worth If pictures speak a thousand words, your Oct. 21 cover photos speak volumes ("The last battleground"). The very first things I noticed upon…

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