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Cover Story

Middle men

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | The Midwest battleground: As the 2000 presidential campaign enters its final weeks, Al Gore and George W. Bush are tailoring their messages and their travel…

In this issue: "Midwest's middle men," Oct. 21, 2000


Shocked straight

By Candi Cushman

National | Are "Hell Houses" a good Halloween alternative for teens or a witnessing tool that goes too far?

Viral rebound?

By Lynn Vincent

National | Rising HIV infection rates in some of America's biggest cities worry AIDS researchers

You've got MailStation?

By Chris Stamper

National | E-mail for high-tech stragglers, a new way to pass notes during class, and other technology news

Drugs on the brain

By Nancy R. Pearcey

National | Linking behavior to biochemistry, doctors are prescribing alarming amounts of psychotropic drugs

Excerpt from the Vice Presidential debate

By The Editors

National | Excerpt from the Lieberman/Cheney debate on homosexual marriage rights



This sure feels like a bear market. Big dips are followed by further dips. Michael Farr, president of Farr Miller & Washington, in USA Today, on the…

No Comment Zone

By The Editors

If a school district permits community groups to meet on its property during off-hours, does it have the right to exclude religious groups? The Supreme Court…

The Buzz

By The Editors

Gore returns to untruths at the end of second debate The fudging continues Vice President Al Gore had some serious repair work to do in the second of three…



By The Editors

Culture | The five bestselling nonfiction paperbacks as measured by placement on four leading lists as of October 5.

The lost art of the debate

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | How today's debates teach cynicism and relativism


Ominously clear

By Joel Belz

With friends like these, is the argument already over?


Come together The articles by Marvin Olasky ("Bush can still win," Sept. 23) and Cal Thomas ("Lobbing cream puffs," Sept. 23) hit the mark. Another issue that…

Beyond politics

By Marvin Olasky

Who are the world's most important leaders?

What's the difference?

If George W. Bush would spell it out, he has a fighting chance

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