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Normal Christians

by Marvin Olasky

Cover Story | Compassionate conservatism, British-style

Cover Stories

A coalition coalescing?

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | In Minehead: Will the Conservatives dig out gold or lumps of coal?

Cover Stories

A new fab four

by Marvin Olasky

Cover Story | If faith-based reform is to take hold in Great Britain, these are the men who will make it happen

Cover Stories

Two Faiths Colliding

by Marvin Olasky

Cover Story | Church and state in England have long been brothers under the same monarch, and today such state programs as the National Health Service have become the…

In this issue: "UK: Two faiths collide," July 22, 2000


Open and shut

By Edward E. Plowman

National | A Baptist group rejects "open theology," but not its chief advocate, while Presbyterians debate beliefs

Willing hearts

By Cal Thomas

National | Bush stresses self-reliance in NAACP speech



I didn't want to portray the wrong idea of the kind of person I am. University of Minnesota football star Ben Hamilton, on turning down a spot on Playboy…


By The Editors

Texas mother of two Jane Neidenfeuhr recently received a "Nehemiah Award" from the Prestonwood Baptist Church for her persistence in fighting pornography. At…

The No-Comment Zone

By The Editors

Bashar Assad won 97.29 percent of the vote in last week's election for Syria's presidency. Of course, his name was the only one on the ballot. The former eye…

Ups & Downs of the Week

By The Editors

The lure of home: More Americans are staying put each year. According to a Census Bureau report released last week, only 15.9 percent of the population…

The Buzz

By The Editors

Latest Potter book sells millions Grail of Fire If anyone were to doubt the spell cast by J.K. Rowling's new children's novel, Harry Potter and the Goblet of…


Purple prose people

By Joel Belz

Sticking with the facts is better for everyone

Surprised by stories

By Marvin Olasky

What I did on my summer vacation

Sigh no more

By Margie Haack

The Christian cannot lose his inheritance


Count him in After reading "Count me in" (June 17), I am further inspired to be salt and light in a bland and dark world. I have been an "operator" in a chat…


The Music

By The Editors

Culture | The Top 5 "Internet album" CDs for the week of July 15, according to Billboard

The Movies

By The Editors

Culture | The top 5 movies in popularity as measured by box office receipts for the weekend of July 9

Bach, 250 years later

By Terry Yount

Culture | A Christian composer, his anniversary, and a contemporary disciple

Finally, a conservative movie

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | The Patriot strikes all the right chords, to the outrage of the left

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