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A Million Media Minutes Overblown coverage of violent crime helps fuel the press's much-beloved Million Mom March

by Tim Graham

Cover Story Sidebar | Donna Dees-Thomases repeatedly told reporters that she came up with the idea of the so-called Million Mom March from watching TV news coverage of a shooting…

Cover Stories

The Tales of Tears

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | At the Million Mom March, speaker after speaker urged that maternal lamentation be turned into gun-control legislation. Now that the public-relations glow of…

In this issue: "Sad stories, bad laws?," May 27, 2000


Divided, They Stand

By Edward E. Plowman

National | Methodist traditionalists hold off liberals for four more years, but how long can the nation's second largest Protestant church group continue to hold…

Quitters Never Win

By Cal Thomas

National | Message to Rudy: Your decision on quitting the Senate race is less important than the one on your marriage

Rough and Tufts

By Bob Jones

National | Christian student group on liberal campus accorded a little tolerance, but not without a lawyer and a fight



By The Editors

Yes, they mean it Court: is the era of unlimited government over? For the second time in five years the Supreme Court last week ruled that when Congress…


Maybe God put us in this world to help somebody beat this disease. -Roberto Alomar of the Cleveland Indians, referring to the irony of his reconciliation with…


Too legit to quit

By Joel Belz

Homeschooling is here to stay: Even in its problems there's promise

High-þying standards

An aviator's salute to an American hero


The real question A majority of Americans polled want Elián returned "to his father." But Cuban children are considered wards of the state. Castro's…

Era of the gladiator?

By Marvin Olasky

Moviegoers like action and Stoicism gains traction



By The Editors

Video | The top 5 videos in popularity as measured by rental receipts for the week ended May 7


By The Editors

Music | The Top 5 'Heatseekers' albums for the week ending May13, according to Billboard magazine

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