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Family Timeline: From 1607 to the present

by The Editors

Cover Story | 1600-1799 1607, 1620 The first permanent British colonies in what became the United States are established in Virginia and Massachusetts. The faith-centered…

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Marriage is multicultural

Cover Story | THAT'S JUST THE WAY THE WORLD WORKS: Whether it's North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, or Asia, heterosexual marriage is the rule, not the…

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GI Janes

Cover Story | WHY IS THE MILITARY GOING TO WAR WITH REALITY? Feminist activists who want to shape family life are using the Armed Services for a trial run of a new cultural…

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Born to be defiled?

Cover Story | PHONY SCIENCE POSITS "GAY GENE" THEORY: Homosexuality is not in the genetic building blocks of the body, but its war with nature has infected the building…

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Family life: no stranger to Þction

Cover Story | But when fiction became a stranger to the biblical worldview, traditional morality and the "intact" family became either objects of derision or simply…

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On family life and other fairy tales

Cover Story | "In order that life should be a story or romance to us, it is necessary that a great part of it ... should be settled for us without our permission." Adapted…

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Fatherhood canceled in primetime TV

by Roy Maynard

Cover Story | THE DECLINE OF FAMILY ON TV: If Dad as depicted on television is nothing more than Archie Bunker or Homer Simpson, it's small wonder that Murphy Brown figured…

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Domestic partners

Cover Story | IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK: Marriage is also an economic union, and the divorce of work and home has had a devastating effect on the family. A look at the…

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Alpha Male meets Alpha and Omega

Cover Story | BIBLICAL HEADSHIP IN MARRIAGE IS VERY DIFFERENT FROM SECULAR MACHISMO: It requires a willingness to make personal sacrifice, it requires submission to the…

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We are family

by Gene Edward Veith

Cover Story | God still works through families, despite our feeble attempts to "improve" His design

In this issue: "Marriage and the family," May 20, 2000


Cut spending

By Timothy Lamer

National | Small government is a crucial element of cultural renewal

The new math

By Andrée Seu

Faith & Inspiration | Where quality time is important



My Dear Daughter, You have just entered into that state which is replete with happiness or misery. You are allied to a man of honor, of talents, and of an…


Bittersweet trivia

By Joel Belz

Does any society today exemplify the model family?


By Marvin Olasky

The Bible advocates neither feminism nor sexual segregation

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