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Cover Story

Up in smoke

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | The Clinton administration got burned last week when the Supreme Court ruled its latest power grab was unconstitutional. But with only a one-vote majority,

In this issue: "Court in the balance," April 1, 2000


Recipe for disaster

International | Three days of rain turn the plains of Mozambique into the largest aid mobilization ever seen in Africa

Seattle II?

By Mindy Belz

International | Policymakers and street protesters want no more lending as usual from the IMF and World Bank

The candymen

By Timothy Lamer

National | Washington expands an unsustainable program

Guerrilla publishing

By Chris Stamper

National | King's Bullet boosts e-publishing; $5 billion lost in space; the rise of the independent investor; double-digit dialing; and the literal information…

A silver lining

By Lynn Vincent

National | There are unmitigated debacles, then there are debacles with silver linings. Though the first congressional hearing on the illegal trade in baby body parts…

Anatomy of a debacle

By Lynn Vincent

National | In Congress, the gruesome trade of baby body parts was supposed to be on trial; so why was the whistleblower placed on the defensive, his credibility in…

Pro-lifers unite

By Tim Graham

National | Evangelicals defend the Vatican's UN status as international pro-abortion groups go on the offensive

Same old sleazy news

By Cal Thomas

National | Report accuses Justice Department of "gamesmanship" and "contortions" to protect higher-ups


By Marvin Olasky

National | "Aim for a series of small successes": Why a well-managed, talented baseball team resembles a winning political campaign



I'm about ready to snap from the traffic. Then [I] go into the gas station and ... have another bit of a coronary. Suzanne Bar-Or, one of the increasing…

The Buzz

By The Editors

Federal court backs Reno's attempt to remove Elian Strike two Castro sí, Elián no. Federal judge Michael Moore took nearly two weeks to side with the…



Not another one Thank you for your follow-up report on Elián Gonzalez, "Seeing past pro-Castro propaganda" (March 4). It took the sting out of the Mailbag…

Our journalistic task

By Joel Belz

And why I like to see overly full classrooms

Where are they now?

By Marvin Olasky

The Hit Man continues to make disciples


Video Rentals

By The Editors

Culture | The top 5 videos in popularity as measured by rental receipts for the week ended March 12.

Let them drink beer

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | PETA's latest campaign was a sign of new rhetorical tactics

The Music

By The Editors

Culture | The Top 5 pop catalog CDs for the week ending March 25, according to Billboard magazine

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